Let this be our prayer, when we lose our way...give us faith so we'll be safe

Please, please, keep these people close to your heart and pray for them in whatever means you use to speak to God,

Greg- Please pray for Greg today while he undergoes a brain biopsy. Keep him safe from harm and allow the doctors to safely perform this surgery and lead them to the answers as to why he is sick. Pray for Shelly, who loves him so much and has been so strong, give her a little more strength to get through the day, the week, and whatever else is to come. Keep their girls, Sarah, Riley, and Emilia in your heart.

Reggie- My friend Reggie, who I first met when I was 12, lost his beautiful daughter Kaela DeJesus on Feb. 8th. She was the same age I was when I met Reggie. I can not even begin to comprehend this loss, and will never understand how something like this could happen. Any idiot could see how much Reg loves his kids- it's like he's almost in wonder of how he could have created them (although anyone who's been on the recieving end of one of Reg's encouraging, sweet e-mails can see clearly how his kids would be great!). Keep him in your thoughts while we all try to make sense of such a horrible thing.

Children facing hardships- So, everyone knows I work in a children's hospital. And the thing people ask me the most is "Isn't that sad?". And the answer, most of the time, is no. Most of the time, my job is about little miracles happening every single day, like seeing a child who took a bullet to the head as a two year old go home to her family, just as sassy, funny, and alive as can be. Sometimes though, it gets to me, and this weekend has been one of those times, as I held an infant who was betrayed by the person who is supposed to care for him the most.

Also be sure to pray for the people around you, so when things like this happen, they can find the solace they need.


Shelly said...

i have been praying for greg and shelly and their girls and will cont. to do so!! i hadn't heard of the little girl who passed away--it's so hard to understand why these things happen =( thank you for sharing these things so i can pray for these people and those who love them!

Ree said...

As Michelle, I too have been praying for Greg, Shelly & the girls! I also have a group of children that I pray for, also! I will pray for your friend Reggie & his family. (Reggie is also the names of my father, brother and nephew)

RGD said...

So beautiful and so sweet.. Thank you.. Your thoughts have helped more than you'll ever know