"I get a little warm in my heart when I think of winter..."

Finally, some luck! I got a snow day! I don't think I could ever live someplace warm year round because seriously, nothing beats that call when you hear "It's a snow day, go back to sleep!"

However, this week was more unlucky then lucky, sadly. And it went family and friends-wide, which sucks even more! My unlucky incident was that I was involved in a hit and run!!! SERIOUSLY!!! Some jackass in a white van hit me and took off! And, as I was in a horrible section of Philadelphia at the time (34th and Grey's Ferry) there was no damn way I was getting out of the car!! But, thankfully, there was not too much damage done to my car. It will need a new light casing and a paint job, and there's a small crack in the body. I'm just pissed that A. someone actually had the nerve to drive away and B. now I am stuck with the bill for fixing my car since the jackass didn't stop and take some responsibility.

Although in that section of Philly, it was likely a crackhead behind the wheel anyway. :-P


So, Marla and Steve's wedding is a week from today!!! At this time next week they will be married and we will all be dancing at their reception! We spent part of yesterday getting all of their centerpieces, bar stuff, bathroom baskets and such packed up and ready to take to the caterer! Holy crap! I can't believe that after all these months of planning that it's here! I wonder if I will feel the same way when it's my turn in a little over four months.

However, in the continued streak of bad luck, Marla and Steve got the news that their officiant for the wedding was just diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer at the age of 26. She is starting an aggressive treatment plan right away and most likely will not be able to perform the ceremony for Marla and Steve. They are not so much worried about their wedding problems but more worried for this young girl who they have really grown to like. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she starts this battle.

Again, it just makes me think of how lucky we all are, even if my luck peeks out from a blanket of complete crap right now. My sister is about to marry not only the one she loves, but the one with enough patience to put up with her! ;-) In a few months, I'll get to do the same thing, and I'll gain a group of amazing people that come with Pete that I'll get to call my family! I already have an amazingly supportive, wonderful- if slightly strange- family of my own. We all had someplace warm to be during the snowstorm. It's not perfect- it's never going to be perfect. And sometimes, something happens that makes my heart so heavy, I don't think I'll ever be the same again. But, you can't understand the good without experiencing the bad, and in the end, we are lucky.

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