...and even though I know the river is wide, I walk down every evening and stand on the shore..

Billy Joel was SOOOO right! The river is wide!

But, here I am on the shore, just like he said. Weird.

Thankfully, I promise not to drown myself in it! It's been a crazy week of both good and bad. I don't feel like I'm drowning in the river so much as kayaking upstream. That said, I know some of the most important people in my life feel that way, too, so I should count my own personal blessings.

Starting with the good news, Pete and I booked our honeymoon! I am so excited! We will be going to Punta Cana, and not only will it be our honeymoon, it will be our first real trip anywhere! In fact, it will be the first time we've spent more then two uninterrupted days together!

We also picked our ketubah (wedding contract) and soon we will get to do our cake tasting- the thing that tipped the scales in favor of a wedding as far as I am concerned! Mmmmm...cake...

Not that my heifer ass needs any cake. I have been to the gym every day this week so far, but I keep falling off the wagon when it comes to getting some control over my cravings. You'd think the thought of parading around in, oh, a GOD DAMN WEDDING DRESS would motivate me to not be such a cow, but that's not keeping the Skittles out of my mouth for some reason. But, all I can do is work on it and hope for the best.

My cousin Meri is having some elective surgery tomorrow, it's actually really exciting for her, but surgery is sugery and let's all keep her in our prayers that is all goes well for her tomorrow.

My (almost) brother-in-law Greg will have a biopsy done of his brain on Monday. It's all pretty scary and weird, but hopefully this will help the doctors know exactly what is making Greg feel so crappy, and even though it's a horrible way to go about it, they can learn what they are dealing with and get him back to his old self. So keep him, along with Shelly and his daughters, in your prayers.

I feel like this is such a strange time, so much happiness and sadness and hope andf worry. I think that the only way to make sure it's all alright is to hold onto each other as hard as we can, to keep faith and believe in whatever your faith and beliefs might be with all of your heart, and to prepare for the best and frankly, expect the best.

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Ree said...

You are so right!! I always say ^JUST ^j^ BELIEVE^!!! It's all you really can do!! Send Greg & Shelly my love and let them know I have been praying for them!!

P.S. I am sure you will look awesome in your wedding dress!! Can't wait to see the pics!!