"And rise, rise above it...'cause things only get better with love..."

Crap That Is On My

  • The fact that my wedding is only 5 months away and I still have so much to do
  • Jealous of my sister Marla, who seems to be the Bridal Valedictorian to my Short Bus Bride
  • Worrying about what is going to happen when Greg goes on medical leave from work next week. I am happy he can concentrate on getting better but so worried about what steps that will take.
  • Really wanting to stick to my "lifestlye change" (we don't call it a diet) so I don't look like a big old moo cow at Marla's wedding
  • Mad that I ate Dorito's tonight (Although it was just a few)
  • Hoping I can shake this tired feeling with a good night's sleep tonight


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