So what?

Five Random Things

1. PJ is very into money lately. He will cut you for a penny. The other day, Pete was trying to scratch lottery cards but PJ kept stealing the coins he was using and promptly putting the stolen coinage in his Thomas piggy bank (it's literally a bank shaped like Thomas the Train, if he were a pig. It is freaking creepy, but the Boy loves it.). I felt that it was a pretty profound social commentary- Pete scratching lottery tickets while PJ saved his money. Things that make you go, hummmm.....

2. I got a new tattoo on Friday! Right now, it's healing and weird, but I love, love, love it! It's a verse from the song "Anthem" by Leonard Cohen. Not my favorite singer, but his lyrics go right through my heart. I first saw this particular quote last year, and I know right away that it would be my next tattoo. Now, it's a permanent reminder that the things that seem broken are really just opportunities to shine. The only problem now is that I keep thinking about other beloved lyrics I can use to fill in the blank spots on that arm! 

3. I have finally realized that I am far too old to simply buy the cheapest skin care products and expect not to look like the old lady from the Hallmark cards. Despite my reservations, I let my sister take me to Ulta and guide me towards an "anti-aging" moisturizer that cost quite a bit more than I usually spend. We'll see how this works out. I do know that my Mom-Mom would be horrified at how I treat my skin. Even in her 80's, she had amazing skin, far better than mine. It's something to strive for! 

4. I need something new to read. I have been on a non-fiction/memoir kick for a few years now, with a few novels slipping in here and there. I loved "This Is Where I Leave You" and "The Book of Joe" by Jonathan Tropper, and I'm looking for something new. I am leaning towards "Still Alice", but open to suggestions! 

5. Kindergarten registration has begun. That means stacks of paperwork, bunches of meetings, IEP's and immunization records. We will have our first meeting to discuss the plans for PJ's kindergarten program next week. I am very nervous about this- I have no real idea what they are thinking or what they will suggest. PJ seems to be at a weird place. He's not quite right for an self-contained setting and not ready for a mainstreamed classroom. Of the two, I'd say he leans more towards self-contained, but still not a perfect fit for that setting. We'll cross each bridge as it comes, I guess, but I find myself very, very anxious about it. 

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SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I adore your tattoo. I remember you doing that on the mug at the pottery place!

What moisturizer did you get?

Lou Lou Girls said...

Hello Cute Lady! It is always a pleasure to be a part of your party. Thank you. I would love it if you would stop by our party. We pin and tweet everything.
Happy Tuesday! Lou Lou Girls