Everything's A-Okay!

Last weekend, my little family headed up the New Jersey Turnpike to one of our favorite places, the Liberty Science Center

The LSC was hosting an event for bloggers, giving me a rare chance to offer the benefits of writing to my husband and son, who also love the LSC! We arrived and checked in with Teicia and Cristie, two of my favorite Jersey Girls, and headed to a conference room for lunch, some hands-on activities for the kids, and the chance to meet Elmo! PJ was excited and apprehensive- I think seeing Elmo in all of his furry glory was a little overwhelming. He gave him a quick snuggle, but seemed more content to smile and wave from an acceptable distance! 

Elmo was visiting as part of the Sesame Street Presents: The Body exhibit, now showing at the LSC. Bright, accessible and interactive, The Body teaches young learners all about the human body in a fun, age-appropriate manner. Stations such as The Count's Organ Organ (my favorite- so funny and cute), Digestion With Oscar, and Your Amazing Body with my son's favorites, Bert and Ernie, kept PJ interested and entertained as he learned all about how his insides and outsides work. There was even a replica of the famous steps at 123 Sesame Street, and seeing my son on that iconic stoop connected his childhood with mine in such a sweet way. Sesame Street was such a huge part of my childhood and life as an early learner. It so so exciting for PJ to have the same opportunities, and Sesame Street Presents: The Body offered him the chance to experience Sesame Street in ways that I did not.

We also had the chance to return to a favorite exhibit, Beyond Rubik's Cube! Everything you ever wanted to know about the ins and outs of the most famous puzzle of the 80's is right here! The activities range from simple enough for my 5 year old (4 at his first visit) to complex enough for an adult. PJ is a fan of puzzles, so this hands-on exhibit was right up his alley! You will need to rush if you want to catch this one- Beyond Rubik's Cube will leave the LSC on April 19th!

Full disclosure: The LSC offers a multi-million dollar experience and what does PJ find to play with?

Yup. That's a stool.

Another new installation at the LSC is the incredible Infinity Climber! Suspended in air 35 feet over the main atrium and created from 64 "petal-like platforms," the Infinity Climber twists and turns, looking much like a giant metal vine that has bloomed from the walls of the LSC. It is both huge and lovely, and offers guests the opportunity to navigate it's maze-like structure and get moving! Completely encapsulated in 19 miles of hand-threaded wire, your family can scale its heights safely.  The last time we were at the LSC, the Infinity Climber was in its beginning stages of being built. Seeing it completed was so much fun, and PJ loved it!

You can win a 4 pack of tickets to the Liberty Science Center! It's the perfect day trip to entertain the whole family during Spring Break! The contest will open at midnight tonight (March 27th) and will close at 11:59pm on Sunday (March 29th). You could have FREE TICKETS IN YOUR HANDS as soon as April Fool's Day- and that's no joke! 
Just use the widget below to enter! 

 These cuties are from the Our Hudson Home exhibit!


Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to take the kids. This cwould be great. I'm excited to see everything.

Meghan said...

We'd love to see the Great Apes in 3D

Dellah said...

We'd love to see it all, as we have never been. It looks like a place you can spend countless hours which would be great for spring break. My hubby is always asking if we can go. The infinity climber looks amazing and we are sesame Street fans always!

Elle Sees said...

what a cool place!!! love that he played with the stool!

Amethyst said...

All those little creatures are so adorable. Good opportunity for the kids to learn.