My feelings swell and stretch...

Today was a very Monday-ish Monday. 
It kind of felt like yesterday was Monday and 
Since two Mondays in a row would be a horrible idea that
 should give you some insight into my mood. 
I did not get a spot on the Listen To Your Mother Show.
This was not a shock and was merely a scratch 
on this rash of a day. 
Auditioning was a fantastic experience and there is always next year. 
PJ was tired this morning. 
There wasn't much fire in him today and somehow, 
  that bums me out more than when he's all fire
I think a good nights sleep will fix that, along with 
 a return to the routine the long weekend/snow interrupted.
We are trying to have PJ's ABA therapy re-instated
 after a horrible experience that caused us to end our relationship
 with the agency we had previously used. 
Now, we are back in the Spiral of Rediculousness that is 
 dealing with the insurance company. 
The back and forth of trying to figure out
who is in network
who is not
who has the information regarding either of the former
and how this will all lead to a point where we have
therapy for PJ.  
It's something that I truly don't feel like
we should have to dig and dig and dig for
before we hit the treasure box. 
That's what causes the rash on my Monday.
I was hoping for a better start to the week 
after a rough last one. 
And thankfully, it is only Monday. 
The only Monday. 

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