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...had an amazing, yet harrowing experience with my friend Mary Beth yesterday, as we traveled to South Orange, NJ to audition for Listen To Your Mother, an amazing show put on in nearly 40 cities featuring women reading their original writings. While I certainly don't think I will earn a spot in the 2015 cast, it was a great experience to have the chance to read in front of an audience. Of all the times I have been on stage, this is the first time that I had to be myself, not a character. I enjoyed the chance to be vulnerable in that way. The not-so-fun part? Braving the New Jersey Turnpike through a snowstorm, which stretched an hour and a half drive to nearly four. Oy, vey.

...the weather was vastly improved today, with the sun shining as we said goodbye to a very dear family friend. Jerry and his wife Sandy have been close friends of my aunt forever- I have known them all of my life. Jerry is a sweet guy, funny and kind and a huge fan of the Flyers. We would discuss them often via Facebook over the past few years. Jerry had been battling a number of health problems and finally succumbed a few days ago. I am so, so sorry to see him leave this life, but hope he is moving on to his next adventure in peace, happy that the Flyers won two in a row this weekend.

...with my neighbors becoming increasingly annoying and the desire to move PJ to a new school district looming, Pete and I are talking house a little more seriously than we have before. We still have no idea where we want to go, but we know we gots to get. I'll be sad to leave this sweet little place where we began our marriage and brought PJ home, but it's time to grow and stretch a bit.

...I can barely believe that March is right around the corner. The weather this weekend would make me think that spring will never get here, but the calendar doesn't lie, and it is finally starting to feel like this dreadful weather will end if I just wait a little longer.

...PJ is all registered for Spring Soccer and we are so excited! This will be his third session and we are so thankful for this opportunity for him! Adding to the fun, two of his classmates and two of his cheer teammates will also be playing! The kids will have fun, and the mama nonsense on the sidelines will be epic. It's times like this that I don't know what I would do without all of the beauty that PJ's diagnosis of Autism has brought us.

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Linda Sheridan said...

Good luck to you! Don't underestimate yourself and your writing.
Goddess speed always!

Love, SMD's Momma