I've got a blank space, baby...


-The New Year was ushered in quietly 'round these parts, starting with a trip to Sahara Sam's with some folks I love: Pete, PJ, my cousin Matt, and his family- wife Colleen and kiddos Braelyn and Paxton. The kids blissfully slid, splashed, swam and soaked as the grown-ups chased and chatted. That night, Pete had to work, so I rang in the year quietly, a whispered "Happy New Year!' to my sleeping blonde Boy. But the last day of 2014 was a sweet one, and spending that last day with my family made it even sweeter.

- The one fly in our New Year's Eve ointment was my sister Marla being admitted to the hospital with a post-surgical infection. It took the doctors nearly a week to get everything under control and she just went home today, having not been in her own home since last year (technically). It was a frustrating setback after everything had gone so well with her surgery, but it's not uncommon and she faced it like she does everything, with a kick-ass attitude and her usual brave heart. She was finally discharged today and, hopefully, is home in her own bed, snuggling her cats. It was a shitty start to 2015 for her, but I can't help but think that this will be here year now that this little bit of bullshit is out of the way.

- We spent a few days in the Poconos (Pete's parents own a house). Our intention was to get PJ on skis for the first time (or rather, Pete would get PJ on skis while I took pictures and bitched about how cold I was), but the weather did not cooperate and ski conditions were less than ideal, so we settled for relaxing at the house and taking PJ sledding after we got some afternoon snow. As you can see, he clearly hated it. We are hoping to sneak back one more time before the winter ends so the Boys can ski, but in the meantime, PJ had a blast on his Daddy's old sled.

- Of course, with the New Year comes the hope that the calendar switch will magically make me a better person. I think at this point I have learned enough to know that there is a snowballs chance in hell of that working out, so instead, I resolve to continue to do the things I actually managed to do right in 2014 and keep them going for 2015. Hopefully, keeping the good stuff going will help the new stuff potentially evolve without all of that resolution pressure.

- One thing I do resolve to do is keep the "Now Reading" link up to date. You can click on it right now to see what I have been reading the past few days. I have a stack of books that are coming up after and I can't wait to share them with you! Also, these are not affiliate links- I would be sure to disclose if they were and will if that ever changes! For now, it's just a link to the Amazon listing for what I'm reading!

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SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I absolutely love the first photo of Pete & PJ on the sled. Pure joy.

DeeMarie said...

That was my comment, too! That pic of father & son in the sled is priceless. Such a great photo to have.

Boo to Marla having been stuck in the hospital - She's such a strong gal - I'm sure she's thrilled to be home.