You talk, talk, talk about it...

I wrote this post a few months ago, a little bit on PJ and some of our favorite PJ-isms. Because of Autism, his speech has significant delays but as his skills have improved, he will replace a word he doesn't know with one that makes sense to him. It can be very specific and it always cracks us up! 

"Green and Orange Cereal"
Lately, he has added "Jack Apples" to his repertoire, but usually, he asks for these by color. 

"Thirty Ten"
Because, duh. That's what comes after thirty nine. 

"Blue Toy Story"
If you just suggest Toy Story, he will correct you. 

"One grilled cheese"
This can mean that he wants a grilled cheese sandwich (a favorite), but it can also mean that he wants a slice of cheese. Heaven forbid if I don't know which he means. 

"Green and orange tissues"
He has a thing for green and orange. Either way, if you approach his nose with anything other than one of these, there will be no boogie wiping. 

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    Nicole Marica said...

    haha these are cute! I like the "thirty ten" reminds me of a reddit post I read once where someone said why isn't 20 pronounced "two-ty" and someone said or 30 pronounced "three-ty" and someone piped up and said "or 40 sound like four-ty" and then said "I now see the error of my ways"....that had me cracking up!

    SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

    thirty ten is spot on.

    I love Jack Apples and his penchant for green and orange descriptions.