I don't know how you keep on giving...

 ~ Treat Your Teachers ~

“Just because” gifts are my favorite kind of present. The holidays are amazing, and birthdays are so much fun, but there is something so joyful about a little surprise on an ordinary day. It’s a little bit of unexpected love when you least expect it.

Who is more deserving of a little pick-me-up than your child’s teacher? The people who wake up early every day to preside over classrooms full of young learners often receive the least amount of positive feedback for their efforts. You don’t need to spend a lot of money or spend hours trolling Pinterest and wielding a glue gun to say “Hey, teacher! Nice job! Thank you!” Instead, try out one of these simple, thoughtful treats:
  1. School supplies- Teachers often pay out-of-pocket to keep their classroom stocked with essentials for learning. A bundle of pencils tied with curling ribbon, sheets of stickers, and marble notebooks with a pretty pen attached- all are inexpensive gifts that will ensure your child’s classroom is well stocked. Want to splurge a little? A Facebook poll of some of my favorite teachers revealed that a pack of Sharpies are among the most coveted of the potential “Just because” gifts! 
  2. Gift Cards- Some days, our precious little learners can challenge the patience of even the most experienced, giving, wonderful teacher. Just think of how a five dollar gift card for coffee and a croissant, a few tunes, or even Amazon could overhaul a rough day for the better!
  3. Something Yummy: Do you have a killer recipe for zucchini muffins or snickerdoodles? Whip them up, pile them into a gorgeous bowl (you can find surprisingly lovely dishware at discount stores!) and drop it by the teacher’s lounge for everyone to enjoy.
  4. Words- A few words of appreciation on a lovely piece of stationary or a cute card could mean the world to your child’s teacher. You could even use the Treat app which allow you create, personalize, and mail a gorgeous card right to the school! These are the humans who spend hours each day filling young heads with all of the words and numbers and poetry and science. Get out your nice pen and use a few words to say “thank you.”

Have you ever treated your teacher to a little something special, something that was obviously well-received? Let me know! 


MarlaJan said...

Teachers and sisters alike enjoy gifts on ordinary days! LOL LOL

MB said...

Writing notes on pretty note cards, sometimes accompanying a picture of my kid works, especially with the closeness you share with the teachers and therapists who work so closely with them.

Kenya said...

Gifts for no reason are such a great thing!