Time falls away but these small hours....

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It is so lovely here in our little part of New Jersey. I bitch a lot about the cost of living here, but, there's this:

This, somehow, makes it okay.

Our weekend was equal parts busy and lazy, which is my favorite way to be. It was Pete's weekend to work, so it was just me and my intrepid little warrior sidekick let to conquer the weekend on our own. We started off our Saturday with soccer, which continues to be wonderful. PJ was the most engaged, by far, than he has been all season, running drills with his teammates, with nearly all of the thanks going to his two sweet buddies, Nick and Anthony. They have been with PJ all season and have guided him with patience and gentleness that belies their young age. These two will be prime choices for prom dates in a few years!

After soccer, we put Pete to bed for the day and headed to the Fall Fair. Set in the huge, beautiful park in our town, the Fall Fair is a festival put on by all of the town school, each one represented by it's own booth. Sand art, candy apples, cupcake decorating, pumpkin painting, hay rides and face painting are offered for attendees. PJ's favorite part? A huge hay pit that quickly became the mosh pit of the elementary school-aged set. Hay was flung, rolled in, jumped on and tossed out as the boys of Collingswood reveled in glee.

After the fall festival, we headed home, where we stayed all day. We snuggled, watched movies, played with trains and read books. We don't get to enjoy unstructured down time very much, so it was a lovely change of pace.

The next day we woke up early to a cold morning and headed off to Oasis Family Farm for a group outing with a social group for children with Autism. Run by my funny friend Laura, this group offers chances group trips for children with Autism and their families. Sunday's trip, at a farm near our state capital, offered a giant play area with a huge slide, a zip line, a giant pirate ship, and a big "spider web" to climb on. We had a rough start when PJ threw a fit because I drove past Toys R Us without stopping to go in (true story), but we rebounded nicely once we got to the farm! PJ even got to pan for gems, although he became less interested as the water caused the dirt to become pretty!

We were home by lunchtime, and relaxed in PJ's room, which was the warmest in the house, thanks to the sun. We again enjoyed some rare, unstructured time together. We laughed at PJ's favorite jokes ("S is for....MOMMY!" {hysterical laughter}), played with PJ's favorite trains, and read a few more of PJ's favorite books. By the time bedtime rolled around, he fell asleep with contented ease.

I always love adventures with my family. PJ is brave and spirited, and is often his best self when he gets the chance to try something show-offy and new. But he's also shinny in the smaller moments, the ones where we lay in the puddle of warmth the sun leaves on the floor, making jokes and laughing. The amazing moments come in all kinds of flavors, and I am just happy to taste them all.

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    Rachel said...

    Sounds like a fun weekend! It was way colder on Sunday then we expected, too! We braved the cold for a hay ride and corn maze but it was pretty uncomfortable! I love the pics of PJ playing soccer!