There's still so much to learn...

{things on thursday}

Oh. So much emotion this past week. Tons of happy, lots of surprised, a buttload of disgust and a bit of sadness. I have been feeling all of the feels, and when I have Emotional Congestion like that, it sometimes makes it hard to sit down and write.

PJ had his first day of school last week. It was a day I had been dreading all summer, because this year PJ will be at school for a full day, five day schedule. Pete's reaction was much different- he was so excited to see PJ hit this big-boy milestone, and anticipating a great year for him. I feel all of those things, too, so strongly. But...this means that my days home with my baby are done. PJ will be in full-day school, five days a week, until he graduates high school. PJ has big-kid stuff to do without me, and that's very, very hard. I have loved our days together, loved our snuggly mornings and daily adventures. This feels like the start of something huge for PJ and for the first time, he will do it without me.

That said, this first week has been something of a success! This was surprising to me because at the least, I was expecting some tantrums and hyperactivity as PJ adjusted to his new schedule. But, on the contrary, he's had a fantastic week, with great behavior at home and excellent therapy sessions! His behavior has been a little unfocused (the kid is exhausted), but not volatile at all. It's a bit of a blessing, and a bit of a gift. I had been worried that the precious handful of hours that I have with my baby would be spent trying to rein in his unsettled little body. We may still hit that phase but for now, that kid is showing us all! I am so proud of him!

One thing that hasn't changed? Trying to get this kid to sit still for a picture. Good. Lord.

So weird. But handsome.

There is so much in store for my best guy, so many new ways to blossom and grow and meet new challenges. This is a big year for him and we are so excited to see all that it has to offer! Here's to a great school year!


Him & Me (But Mostly Me) said...

He is super handsome!! Glad he had a good week!!

518nymammaof2 said...

Glad he had a good first week! And you might come to enjoy some alone (ME) time! :)

Unknown said...

Congratulations! Having a good first week of school is an awesome accomplishment. Thank you for sharing your successes!