Who can say if I've been changed for the better?

Yesterday, I shared the results of my Summer Goals. Some were conquered, some were not. There were a few that earned an admirable effort and a few that were epic fails. All in all, I am pleased with my first shot at setting seasonal goals. The idea of coming though the change of season having made changes to yourself appeals to me.

I think my goals this time as a little more lofty, and they should be. I think to do this right, I need to raise the bar each time, even if it's a tiny bit. The goals are still simple, but they are also important, and I am hoping to give it a good showing.

So....{trumpets blare}

Summer 2014 Goals
June 21st-September 22nd

1. Stick to the Weight Watchers plan: This one should be easy. I actually find that I eat yummier food when I am using WW. My problem is more time management- I forget to eat, become manically hangry, and then eat Swiss Rolls and root beer for lunch because it's quick. That's just stupidity, and it can't continue if I don't want to feel like a whale standing on her fins every time I get a glance of myself getting out of the shower. Stick. To. The. Plan.

2. Get my family library cards and take PJ once a week: Okay, so I need to confess something. I don't like reading library books. I know, I know. But the books get read often (duh), the pages get limp, and they aren't always in great shape. I have a pathological need to keep my books pristine. I didn't even highlight my books in college. Anyway, I digress. The point is, my weirdness has kept me from the library and that's dumb. So, we will get cards and we will read...well, PJ and I will. There isn't much hope for Pete.

3. Write, write, and then write some more: I have had the amazing opportunity to branch out a bit and write for some local publications. It is a lot of fun and helps me spread my wings as a writer. I want to make sure that I keep my instrument in tune, and that means I need to write. There's no reason that I shouldn't.

4. Get exercise 4 time a week: We have a gym membership to a gorgeous gym. I don't want to be fat. How is this hard? Once a week, we will do something active as a family- swim, walk, ride bikes, etc. I will feel better, and so will my family.

5. Create a cleaning schedule: I have mentioned a few times that I am not what one would call a "natural housekeeper". During the day, when PJ is up and active, it is hard to clean anything as PJ actively destroys anything I try to straighten. At night, when he's asleep, I am tired and broken and on the couch. So I need to get a system going. I am 99% sure I will need some help with this and that it's going to need to come from my sweet, wonderful, organized, loves-to-clean friend Michelle!

6. Life's a beach, so go there often: enough said. PJ is his best, brightest, most brave self when he's at the ocean. It's his happy place, and we're all happy when he's happy. So, that.

7. Three date nights with the husband- MAKE THIS HAPPEN: So, date nights were a Spring goal and I failed. We still have so much work to do together, and some of it needs to be separate from our lives as parents. It doesn't need to be expensive or elaborate, but it needs to happen.

8. Complete my Summer Bucket List to 80% accuracy: There's some great stuff on that list. Let's get 'er done.

9. Change my passwords: I stumbled across this real, honest piece by Mauricio Estrella and it spoke to me. I love the idea of creating a mantra of sorts to try and shape your attitudes. What easier way is there than to use something you utilize more then once a day- your passwords. You will need to read the piece, otherwise, this will make no sense. It's a worthwhile read, I promise you. I want to change my passwords and, hopefully, change my life.

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