Purple rain, purple rain...

I woke up feeling inexplicably cranky, so here's a quick Friday post to help me brighten up my mood on this rainy, spring morning...

Luck Fupus

1. Today is Put On Purple Day to help spread awareness for Lupus! I don't have a picture because I am not dressed yet {shame}, but my purple is all laid out and ready to go! Our local Philadelphia new teams have proudly displayed their purple garb, much to the delight of Marla and I, who are gigantic news nerds. The purple clothes are so much fun and I am so, so glad that it has people talking about Lupus. Lupus is bullshit. It's confusing and difficult and can have such a stigma tied to it's diagnosis. I see firsthand how devastating the effects of Lupus can be, and it's high time for this nonsense to end.

2. Truth? I actually love rainy, open-window weather. I turn out the lights, pour some coffee, and either write or read someone else's writing. I love the smell, the cool air coming through the windows, and the whole well, it's raining so let's just chill inside aura. PJ loves rainy summer weather, when it's warm enough to go outside and play in the rain. He will get home from school today and beg to go outside- "PJ play outside and the rain????" It's not quite warm enough, but soon, kiddo. Soon!

3. Did you know that it's also New Jersey Early Intervention Week? If you are in New Jersey, New York, or the Old West (I'm not exactly sure where that is, but you get my drift...) and you think your child has missed a developmental milestone, pick up the phone and utilize your state early intervention services. It's never too early- trust your instincts. I remember making that call, so scared and sad, but it was one of the few, definitive parental wins I have made. Early Intervention saved us from the fear that PJ might not improve and gave us the tools to help him be happy and successful. I am endlessly grateful to his therapists, many of whom I still talk to nearly two years later!

4. Eva, who was the winner of the Carry On, Warrior book giveaway, is helping to raise money for the National Multiple Scleoris Society by offering these gorgeous prints from her Etsy shop. Proceeds will go directly to the fundraising campaign for the National MS Society Walk in Boston. I ordered a print for my bedroom and can't wait until it gets here!

5. PJ is still obsessed with Wreck It, Ralph and thankfully, so I am! My favorite line:

Calhoun: What's the first rule of "Hero's Duty?"
Ralph: Uhhh...no cuts, no butts, no coconuts?

I also read that the name Vanellope is trending in new births. Geeesh.

Hope you are having a great Friday!

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Ohhhhh I completely agree with your second favorite! Cool air with coffee all snuggled up! Except it's like 90 degrees out now! Thanks so much for linking up!

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