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 This past Sunday was my fifth Mother's Day as PJ's mother. As each one has passed I have learned two things, the first being that I know so much more than I did the year before, and the second being that I will never, ever know enough when it comes to being the mama of this smart, silly, handsome, brave being we created. He keeps me on my toes, this sweet boy, and there's never been a sweeter ache in my feet.
 Lately, PJ has been on edge- anxious, angry and unsettled. When Pete asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day, I knew that I just wanted to do something, as a family, that would make PJ's happiness spill over it's edges. The weather cooperated, and on a gorgeous Mother's Day morning we piled into the car and headed to the place that, more than any other place on earth, makes my son happy. We headed to the beach.

We hit the boardwalk and made a pit stop, thanks to PJ's new found love for the movie Wreck It, Ralph. At the back of the arcade stood rows of one of PJ's favorite games, ski ball. He's terrible at it, and prefers to walk up the lane and drop the ball directly in a hoop. {cheater}After a few rounds, he made his way through the rest of the arcade, trying out any game that bore a passing resemblance to one of the games in Wreck It, Ralph.

By the time we finished up in the arcade, it was time for lunch, and although he was hungry, the call of the waves was strong. The time it took to munch on some pizza, fries, and chicken was barely tolerated. This kid just wanted to get to the ocean.

Pete and I figured that PJ would play in the sand and stick his toes in the waves. The water was still really stinkin' cold. We would roll up his jeans and get his toesies damp.


PJ could not resist the tide and the water crept higher and higher until his jeans were soaking. Eventually, they got so heavy that we just took them off, the Minion eyes on this underpants peeking out from under his shirt. He jumped, he ran, he dug in the sand. I let him play with his Daddy while I sat back and took pictures, trying to match each smile with a snap of the shutter. I thought about how, for all of the bitching and moaning I do about living in New Jersey, it's hard to argue with living someplace that's one hour from the Atlantic shores.

The only picture I got of all three of us. 

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