Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth!

I am so happy that it's the weekend.

I don't know how a short week ended up feeling so long, but even with PJ having Memorial Day off and a "half" day of school yesterday, this week just draaaaaaaaaaaaged. It may have been the rain, or PJ's abysmal behavior this week- I don't know. Thankfully, the weekend is here and she came dressed in her lovely weather clothes!

Yesterday we had the chance to enjoy not one, but two play dates with friends we have not seen nearly enough of lately. There was a lunch play date in the afternoon that involved pizza, stomp rockets, trains and popsicles. When we realized that we would both be husband-free that evening, we made plans to get our boys together for some bike riding. A local playground has a large, fenced-in space that was perfect for such an activity, so we headed over to soak up the gorgeous early evening weather.

Unfortunately, PJ found a two by two puddle amid the huge expanse of cement. {sigh}

His pants quickly became soaked, but that was no problem. PJ found a solution for that...

He kind of looked like he was taking part in a Tough Mudder Race:


We did get a decent amount of bike ridding in. PJ is able to ride his little balance bike with increasing confidence, even without pants. Our plan is to graduate to a small pedal bike this summer to help increase some of his muscle strength and give him more of a motor planning challenge. I am not sure how bike shopping with go over! Still, for this night, his little balance bike provided the perfect mobility as he cruised about with his buddy.

We eventually moved on to blowing bubbles. They had a great system- Ezra would blow the bubbles, and they would both chase them. It seemed to work well.

By the time I took this picture, it was well past the boys usual bedtime, but the night was so spectacular, I was having a hard time calling it quits.

I don't know why, but this picture makes me laugh my head off.
Eventually, we had to wrap it up. The sun was setting and the air was getting chilly, and being that my son was half naked {sigh}, it was time to call it a night. We packed up the bikes and bubbles and snacks and pants. What I didn't pack up was PJ's shoes. I woke up this morning to that realization, causing PJ and I to beat a hasty retreat back to the park where, thankfully, his shoes were waiting.

When we got back home last night, PJ was so filthy that I needed to give him a pre-washing before his washing. He got a good scrubbing before I ran his actual bath lest he float in his own filth. His pants free jaunt left him with dirt in places the sun don't shine. After the pre-scrub, he enjoyed a rare bubble bath.

With PJ's behavior being so challenging and difficult lately, it filled my heart to see him so happy. We are so lucky to have friends that understand his different needs and the extra patience it requires to handle him sometimes. PJ's joy as he splashed in that puddle was amazing, and I just wish I could bottle that up and give him a daily dose of it. For now, I just enjoy every seconds of times that are this precious and wild and happy. 

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