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{stream of consciousness} 

To start, "stream of consciousness" seems to be far too fancy a term for what really happens to posts bearing that label. I should start calling it "Crap I Am Going To Spew With Little Proofreading." 

And to whatever wise-ass is thinking "Um, that's what she should call all of her posts!" Well, yeah. That, too. 

Anyway...I haven't written in a few days because I was firmly planted in the garden of "If you have nothing nice to say..." It was an emotional week followed by a fun Saturday followed by a missed trip to Sesame Place because poor PJ is sick as a dog (Strep throat, poor dude). I had plenty to say but just didn't have the energy or desire to sit down at the keyboard and pour out a big, cold glass of whine. 

But since my tendency to internalize my problems is something I am (supposed) to be working on in therapy, I figured I should face the music blog. Still, I'm not into a "Woe is Me" post, so I am going to pick out the best moments from the last few days:

1. After three doses of amoxicillian that looked like an MMA fight while being administered, PJ took his medicine like a damn champ tonight! Even better, he was basking in the cheers I showered upon him, looking so proud! Considering I actually threw out my back giving him a previous dose, this was a Big Fat Deal. And while we are on the subject, I love our pediatric practice. They are never alarmist, but also never ignore something that needs tending to. They always have time to answer questions and never look at me strangely when I ask them. 

2. Pete turned 36 on Friday, and we celebrated on Saturday night with a trip a local mexican place. They were PACKED and no wonder- the food was unbelievable! We enjoyed the night with my sister, her husband, and a few of our great friends and it was a fun, relaxed evening! The night ended with us paying a visit to a local dive bar. John Taffer would die to get his hands on this hot mess, but since it was karaoke night, we had much to observe!! 

3. We had a stretch of absolutely glorious weather, and we soaked in every single second! It's rainy-cold-spring weather now, but it's the sign of things to come! I am so, so ready for this summer to get here! Also, I love rainy weather, it just needs to be a tad warmer. 

4. Because he is a spoiled brat, we bought a teeny flip couch for PJ to snuggle on while he's sick. A friend has one for her son and PJ loved it, and because we are that parent sometimes, we got one for PJ. When we gave it to him, he sat down and squealed with happiness, a huge smile despite his teary eyes and puffy, sick face. Couch- $30. PJ in a moment of pure joy.- Priceless. 

Picking out the joyful moments is always a dose of medicine for a bad day (or week...). However, it's becoming increasingly clear that holding my upset in doesn't help at all. There should be a balance of both, and it's something I would like to work on. But, in the meantime, the lovely moments are my swimmies in a pool of suck. Just keep swimming! 

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