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{...things on thursday}

...To start off, the April Wallet Watch has been going terribly! When I set the guidelines, I forgot about a number of things that were scheduled this month, including cheer competitions, birthdays, and some outings we had planned with PJ. While some of the rules I set- no coffees, no clothes, no donuts- have stuck, but a few others, such as dinners out...pffffft. We celebrated after PJ's cheer competition with lunch at Friendly's, and grabbed a pizza on the way home from a trip to a children's museum (tired). In fact, we have failed so badly at sticking to our budget that other people have been spending our money! Which brings me to...

...last week, I asked Pete to check our bank account to see if our tax refund had been deposited. He checked and discovered fraudulent charges to the tune of nearly $2000. What. The. HELL? Flowers, textbooks, an online dating service, and a huge charge to some weird website. It's hard to know where and how the info was breached- Pete swears by his It Was Target theory, and we cancelled my card (which, by the way, he seemed a little too gleeful about cutting up...). Either way, the fraud department of our bank is on it, nobody was actually physically mugged, and we're not left destitute by the theft. So, there's something to be thankful for. Also, a dating service? *snort*

...I got new glasses! So not exciting enough to blog about, but I picked them out all by myself and they are actually flattering. If you have never seen how I usually dress/accessorize myself, then you don't truly understand what a coup this is.

...my sister, Marla, is one brave bad ass. It's been mentioned a few times before, but it's worth saying again. She takes hit after hit and keeps going with a great attitude and cute bag. This past Monday we spent an unexpected morning in the ER. Her sense of humor and perseverance amaze me all of the time. If and when things get hard for PJ, I know he has my sister to look up to and know that getting through the tough crap is possible.

...today is PJ's last day of school before his abbreviated Easter break. Thanks to Mother Nature, he only has three days off instead of six. It ruined our original plans, but I will look forward to whatever family time we can get! Now, my only problem is that Easter in in three days and I don't have an outfit for him yet. Fail.

...this commercial. Oh. My.

...and last, thank you to everyone who left such sweet, rewarding, heartfelt comments on my post from yesterday. Don't forget that you can still enter to win Carry On, Warrior in paperback! I am so excited to share this with you! After you enter to win the contest, read this post from Momastery today. Glennon tells the truths that I am learning as we speak, but with more grace and honesty than I could ever manage. Please, check it out, and enter to win her book!


Jenn said...

My kids usually end up wearing whatever is left on the rack the Saturday night before Easter. This has led to some interesting ensembles and is also the reason we have 3 Easter group pics in my 15 years of parenting (Chuck was only present for one of those).

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Marla is a warrior.

Yay for new glasses! The only thing I miss about wearing glasses/contacts is picking out glasses. I love doing that.

I want to buy ALL THE THINGS today because I am working and it appears like most of the city is not, which puts me in a bad mood, which I would naturally like to soothe with things.

Steph G said...

Not sure if you ever shop at Michaels, but I heard on the news this morning that they had a security breach similar to the one that Target had. Now you can tell your husband that Target isn't always the bad guy :) Hope you have a great weekend!

Kelly Rodriguez said...

Hello! Stopping by from Northeast Bloggers! I'm your 100th follower! :-) Just wanted to say hello...I'm in north central MA.