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Five Things That 
Made Me Happy This Week!

1. OLYMPICS! Hopefully, I will be as happy this afternoon when the USA-Canada Semifinal game is done, hopefully with the USA heading to the gold medal game and Sidney Crosby slinking back off into the underworld where he belongs (Have I ever mentioned how much it grinds my gears how that little assberry scored the gold medal winning goal in the last Olympics? Because OMIGOD. It hurts my soul.). Despite the USA women's team losing a heart breaker to Canada yesterday, these Games have met all of the expectations of my sports-loving, human interest story-craving, patriotic-feeling heart. The Olympics are Must-See-TV in these parts!

2. PJ's Weirdness:

PJ has been tucked into bed. Mommy is about to enjoy the Olympics and Nighttime Coffee when PJ casually strolls back into the living room. 

Me: Um, buddy? Hi! Why are you out of bed?

PJ: I want a Pop-Tart! 

Me: How about, no? Go back to bed. 

3. Amazon's customer service! We finally decided to replace our nearly 10 year old laptop (I know, right) and Pete found exactly what he wanted on Amazon. When the laptop arrived, it was in a condition that led me to believe we had been sold a refurbished product instead of the new one it was billed as. There was no way to contact the 3rd party seller, of course. Amazon was able to quickly resolve the issue and offered us a partial refund of the tablet, which we decided to keep after a few phone conversation with the manufacturer. Never had a problem before, but Amazon handed this one well! 

4. I opened an envelope that I assumed was a bill and it turned out to be a check for $79 from a bank that I used over 10 years ago. BOOYAH! 

5. This, featuring my numbers 1 and 2 NBC News crushes:

Hotel, motel. I'd totally hang with Brian and Lester in either. What? Who said that?? 

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SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Brian Williams wins the week.

Angela V. said...

Checks in the mail are the best kind of mail. Brian Williams was fantastic.

Brianne said...

OMG love the Brian Williams video.

Suze said...

I'm loving the Olympics! And Brian Williams.