Stinging like a bee, I earned my stripes...

A quickie:

I don't know how it is already Wednesday night. This past week has blown by without my getting half of the things I planned to do done. This is mainly because I spent much of last week cleaning up after our leaking kitchen ceiling and leaking 4 year old son, leaving me with an ass-ton of laundry to catch up on and my to-do list from last week still hanging in the wind.

Speaking of the Boy, he is just about fully recovered from his stomach big last week. For a few days, he didn't not venture very far from the couch or his bed, which is a major departure from his usual state of being! Tuesday through Saturday were pretty rough on him, but by Sunday he had turned a corner and was off to school on Monday.

I. Love. These. Kids.
Friday night, I had a Bad Mom Moment and, despite the fact that PJ was still not feeling well, took him to get his cheer team photo taken. Their uniforms were in and there was no make-up opportunity for the team picture, so I bundled him up and loaded him into the car. He was a little subdued (ie, totally miserable) but I am so glad the he was there for the shot! This program has done so much for him and I just wanted this little token of all of his work and all of the friends he has made. A few people were missing, but it's a fantastic picture and shows all of their enthusiasm and joy! Look at those faces! Er, well, except for PJ! This program has been such a positive experience for us, and it was worth the Bad Mom Moment to make sure PJ was in the shot!

I finally managed to get one of our competition videos uploaded!

Things aren't always perfect around here, and sometimes, the road we walk with PJ can be tough. Still, when PJ was diagnosed with Autism two years ago, we never imagined that our road would include seeing our baby on a stage, loving every second of it, while people cheered for him and his amazing friends. Hell to the yeah.

As for the ceiling, it turned out that a burst pipe was the cause of the impromptu waterfall that sprung forth in our kitchen last week. An old radiator pipe was never closed off and drained properly, so when the temperatures dropped so dramatically, the pipe froze, and then it burst. This means that the water was old, gross, had-been-stagnant-for-God-knows-how-long water. Fucking. Gross. It took the plumber all of an hour to identify and fix the problem, thank goodness, and three hours for me to deep clean the kitchen after it had been splashed with all of that germy goodness.

Thankfully, everyone is back on track now and getting back into our regular routine. I can't believe that January is over in two days. PJ and his teammates have their second cheer competition this Saturday, so keep your fingers crossed for the Twisters! As for tonight, I am off to bed...


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Good luck to PJ & pals this weekend!

I'm dying thinking of the stagnant old water. WAH.

Gwen said...

Go Twisters!

I hate that you had to deal with that gross burst pipe. Hope it's all taken care of now.