So many things, things, out of range, sometimes so strange...

Hello, blog.

It's been awhile. I know. Blogging breaks are not at all unusual for me- sometimes, I kind of fall out of the habit. The holidays, of course, with all of its busy and errands and hoopla, create a perfect storm of excuses to lay on the couch at night instead of blogging.

I intended to start fresh in the new year. I felt full of new dreams and new attitude and a new flex in my fingers, begging to type. But, the perfect storm rolled in again, this time in the form of illness and school meetings and, as it turned out, an actual storm. So while we're a little ways away from the New Year, today is a Wednesday, and the new episode of Honey Boo Boo hasn't aired yet. Close enough.

As is typical of the time, Pete and I are treading around a bunch of New Year's Resolution-y things. We on a kick of keeping things neat around here, going to join a gym next week (although that's less New Year's Resolution-y and more having very recently found out that his employer offers a very sizable discount to a very, very nice gym), and getting serious about saving money so I can live in a home unattached to others as I have grown too old and bitchy to live in close proximity to people we can purchase our first home. World without end, Amen.

While I haven't sat down a keyboard for nearly two months, there has been a wealth of self-discovery, of truths and ideas and lessons and all of those resolution-y things that January brings:

- Truth: We have hit an impasse in PJ's schooling. It's been a difficult road the past few months, trying to figure how how best for my funny, bright, amazing boy to best succeed in school. The process of trying to find the right balance for PJ has been like walking a tightrope at best, and, at this point, we are trying to decide of it's better to invest in legal assistance by way of retaining an attorney and dig in our heels, or simply move to a school district that offers better, more appropriate services. I'll tell you, it would seem that the latter is the cheaper option.

- Idea: I am not an organized person by nature, in fact, keeping any semblance of order is a daily struggle for me, which is why I have always kept such a meticulous planner. Between PJ's therapies, Pete's work schedule, and all of our family activities, I needed something to help me keep it all straight, which is where Erin Condren comes in. Or, at least, one of her planners. It will be here this Saturday and I am pretty sure that it will revolutionize my life. Pictures, and likely a very moving, heartfelt tribute, to come.

- Lesson: Marriage is fucking hard. It's hard and it's a little bit like being stabbed. But, you can either bleed out, or be all Wolverine on that bitch, and Pete and I are trying our best to be Wolverine (Mmmmmmm....Hugh Jackman. So hot..... Oh. Wait. Where was I?). It gets....not better. Our scars are ones we will wear for a very long time. Better isn't exactly the word. I don't think that our marriage in and of itself is what has changed but rather how we approach it. We try harder to work together and although it's far from perfect, it has made all the difference to decide that our marriage, our life, and our family are worth it.

I am not sad at all to see 2013 go. It was a difficult year, And thankfully, we don't ever have to go back, and hopefully, the key to not repeating any of the many Mistakes of 2013 will be to remember my truths, bring some new ideas, and do something with the lessons I learned. It's mid January, and the resolutions are getting off to a slow start, but they are coming.

In the meantime....Hi, blog. It's good to be back.

Something else...if you avert your eyes to the right, you will see that the very cute and talented Elle over at Dig Deep Studio cleaned up my sidebar and made it all organized and pretty! {standing O}


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I'm glad you're back! I've missed you.

What a cluster with PJ's schooling. Things like that should not have to be fought for so hard. What district would you have to move to? Any charter options there?

Marriage is hard. Very hard.

Gwen said...

It's good to see you back! I hope things get figured out with PJ's school stuff.