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Editors Note: As predicted by Steph, Indian summer IS here and it's ruining my life. Er, not ruining, but it's making me haz a sad. I am so ready for crispy fall weather. 

School is officially in full swing, with PJ having his first full morning session today. He has been like the Tasmanian Devil after school much like he was when he started school last year. Last night, he was next to me on the couch and just could. not. sit. still. He bounced and rolled and twirled and wiggled and when he wasn't doing that, he was running all over the apartment. It's all par for the course- even friends with "neuro-typical" children have experienced the after school crazies. His penchant for motion coincides with his new-found love of letter sounds, so a conversation the other day went like this:

PJ: (bouncing on the couch)

Me: PJ, no bouncing on the couch! You can bounce on your trampoline!

PJ: (jumps from the arm of the couch, to the couch cushions, and then to the floor)

Me: PJ! Dude! You are going to be the death of me!

PJ: D is for death! 

Me: (sigh)

And so it goes. I don't feel as desperate as I did when he started school last year because this time, I know that the crazies will come to an end. Plus, today happened to be a great day, with PJ sitting down to do exercises with little protesting. He aced his sight words, did an amazing job with matching like items, put number tiles in order, and to my great surprise and delight, did this: 

PJ rarely has the patience to attend to writing so this was a huge surprise for me! Although not entirely, as I just spoke with his teacher about adding this goal to his IEP, so of course he would bust out with calligraphy! Nerd. Either way, I have something that I didn't have when he started school last year- hindsight. It's difficult, but not nearly as hard as it was and now I have the advantage of knowing it gets better. My best Dude only gets better. Word. 

This has been a month filled with promise, of rebuilding, and of Dumb Things. We're just about halfway through and even though it's going to be in the 90's tomorrow (WTF????), the season is changing. I'm hoping that theme will follow through to my fractured little family so we can all try to heal and be together again. After such a strange summer I sometimes wonder if that's possible, but here's hoping. 

For now, it's time to turn on the air conditioning in the bedroom (WTF???) and go to bed. Goodnight, friends! 

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SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

So full of rage with the humidity right now. Your time is over, humidity.

I have slacked on squats yesterday and Saturday. Back at it today.