I'm worse at what I do best...

{...things on thursday}

...I didn't really have any plans to blog tonight. The Eagles game is on and our friend Adam is here to watch it. But, it turns out that football is boring. So, here I am.

...This has been, thus far, the busiest September that I can remember. We have had one activity or another every weekend and enough to do during the week that my coffee consumption has gone up exponentially. If that's even possible. Today, PJ's school had "Friendship Day" activities in the afternoon and even though PJ is a morning pre-K kid, he was invited back to participate. The kids went from activity to activity as a class, and all of the games focused on teamwork and friendship. It was so cute and funny and another example of why we love PJ's school so much.

...I got a haircut and my eyebrows waxed and I feel like a new woman. So new, in fact, that I am considering growing out my natural hair color, which I haven't seen fully since I was twelve. I'm sure I'll chicken out, but for now, the idea of healthy, untouched hair is enticing.

It's blurry because I used the flash
in a dark room. 
...The other night, Pete and I headed to bed. We have to walk through PJ's bedroom to get into ours, and noticed that PJ wasn't in his bed. But, he wasn't on the floor, either (his usual spot to fall asleep). We opened our bedroom door to find him sleeping soundly, tucked into our bed. Nerd.

...The pants that fit PJ just fine last week, when it started to get chilly, are suddenly too short for him this week. What the hell? I was faced with having no clothes that fit my son until I remembered that we had the mother lode of hand-me-downs from Pete's cousin Jen's boys. Jen with the save- otherwise, it was off to the outlets for me this weekend. PJ still needs a few things, but now a shopping trip for clothes isn't quite as emergent. Also? Why the hell does he keep growing?

...Pete has been back home for about a week. It's still all very strange and stilted...but it's good to have my little family under the same roof again. It will be even better when our apartment isn't in complete and total disarray as Pete moved his stuff back in. In the meantime, we continue to see a therapist and do the work we need to do and try to remember that even when it's hard, it's worth it.

...To wrap things up, I'll just say something that I have said before, but remains true: My sister is a bad ass.

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