...So I'll try to rest if you stand guard.

{Random Thoughts}

...After a very disappointing experience, we gave AMC Theaters another try and attended a second, sensory-friendly showing of Monsters U yesterday. My blog post landed in the hands on a senior manager, and after a phone call yesterday, we were open to giving the experience another try. I still think that the staff and management of AMC could benefit from education on how to be meet the needs of a special needs crowd, but on the whole, the experience went well. The movie started right on time, and the few families there seemed happy and comfortable with the setting.

Uncle PJ Wants YOU!
...The Fourth of July was equal parts awesome and sucktastic. PJ had a great day, starting with the parade on Oaklyn. He had a blast waving his flag and cheering for the floats. He was thrilled to spot his father marching with the fire department, and ecstatic to ride in the firetruck back to the firehouse! Pete took PJ for a cook out with his cousins. The kids swam and had a blast, and then after Pete and PJ got home we all went to watch fireworks. PJ had an amazing day, and it made me so happy to tuck my worn-out, content little boy into bed. But...it was also supposed to be our 5 year wedding anniversary. And in the middle of that day, I had to kiss my baby goodbye while the person I married five years ago but don't live with now took him away from me on a holiday. Part and parcel to the separation deal, I get it. And PJ had an absolute blast, he was so happy. Really, that's all that matters. But it was a little lonely here.

...On that note, we found a good marriage counselor to try and guide us through this mess we've made. It's our second attempt- the first therapist we tried was not a good match. And by not a good match I mean a total fruitcake, God love her. I was tempted, in the name of being a petulant brat, to just go with it, but maturity prevailed and I remembered that this was too important. Some research and phone calls later we had a new name and about 10 minutes into the session, we realized this was a much better fit. Now, the real work begins. I don't envy this poor guy- a couple of stubborn jerks like us should have him regretting his degree in about 3 sessions!

This face. I die.
...After the movie, we stopped by a place I spent many time during my teen years- the home where my oldest/bestest Randi grew up, to swim and celebrate Randi's birthday. The afternoon was a raging success as the kids swam up a storm and had so much fun playing together. PJ was exceptionally adventurous, having learned how much fun it is to jump into a pool! He even attempted the diving board- he bounced a few times but changed his mind. He was so funny and happy and brave, and that's when he's at his best and shiniest. It was a fun, easy, relaxing afternoon as the kids splashed and we celebrated the birthday of a chick who has been in my life for a long. damn. time. Today was her actual birthday and we met up again for a breakfast play date at McDonald's. The kids got to run around the play area and get a break from the heat. I got to chat with a chick who has been a rock for me lately. So, happy birthday to Randi!

...PJ has been very into acting out stories with his trains. Much of it is what he sees from watching Thomas the Train, but some seems to be out of his imagination. He will set up his trains on the bench to our kitchen table and act out a story that always ends up with the train hanging precariously off the edge of the bench and PJ yelling "OH NO! THE TRAIN!!". Problem is, he often likes to get under the train to see it fall off the edge and doesn't always get his face out from under it in time, which has resulted in a lot of trains to the face. Sigh.

...Despite only being able to communicate in sound bites, I feel kind of good about this past week. It was emotional, of course, and I haven't always held my tongue in a manner that would make me proud (ahempsychobitch), but PJ got through his first week of extended school year beautifully and had an amazing July 4th weekend. The apartment isn't perfect, but it's not a mess. Laundry is done. I even met a few other goals this week (more on that later). My marriage is a mess, but all I can do is pick up and try to be the strongest me possible. That way, I bring the goods to the table as a parent, as a friend, as a wife/daughter/sister/person. Deep breaths, one day at a time.

Here we go.


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Trying to be the strongest you possible is the only thing you can ever really do. I'm glad PJ had a wonderful Fourth weekend even though I'm sure it was full of mixed emotions for you guys. Here's hoping counselor #2 is a better fit!

Gwen said...

Brie, I've fallen far behind in my blog reading so I'm still catching up but wanted you to know that you're in my thoughts and I'm rooting for you and I know that no matter what, you'll come out on top. xoxo

DeeMarie said...

Just like Gwen, I also have been slacking in keeping up with my favorite blogs... and I'm sorry that when I returned, I was saddened to hear about your separation. I do hope that things will get better and that you will find the strength you need to get through it all.