Tell me what is this thing that I feel like I'm missing?

Oh, the weekend!

I can't believe how slowly it went by- an unusual sentiment. The weekends tend to blaze by for us, but this one seemed to take it's time. Clearly, now that I'm 36, I can't keep up.

Yup. Thirty-Six. My birthday was this past Friday and it was celebrated quietly. I met up with some of my best girls at my best haunt for our Friday Morning Coffee Club and was treated to a birthday candle in my croissant (*snort*, that sounds kind of dirty!), followed by an afternoon with my best Boy. Pete had to work that night so it was a quiet night as I alternately watched TV and wrote an angry blog post. The victim of said post actually responded, and if I get his okay I will share it. It was quite a bit more frank and forthcoming than I expected, if he was going to respond at all (which I figured he wouldn't).

Anyway, back to thirty-six. I feel like every year, when my birthday rolls around, I play that "Where I Am vs. Where I Thought I'd Be" game. I didn't play that so much this year. This was partially due to the fact that PJ has been kind of high maintenance lately and needs a considerable amount of my time and energy, but because when I did have a second to reflect fleetingly on Where I Thought I'd Be, I realized that it's where I am. All of the times that I thought my life was going off the rails led me to something amazing later, so who am I to question the ride?

Something that did happen this weekend? My oldest/bestest friend Randi ran her first major race, The Broad Street Run! Let me tell ya, folks, I was pretty proud of her! Even thought I don't understand running just to run (as opposed to running from hot lava or the Gestapo), Randi has been amazingly dedicated to her training schedule and looks damn hot as a result of all this exercise. She did ten miles in just under two hours and even though I couldn't be there, I tracked her live online and cheered her the whole time. I'm pretty proud to be her friend today!

And now, after this brief note, it's time for me to haul my weary bones off to bed! Goodnight, friends!


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Happy belated!

Marta said...

Happy Belated Birthday! It was my husband's birthday on Sunday so clearly May birthdays are great. =)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! Keep celebrating all week long!

Brie Latini said...

Thanks!!! My last year of my mid thirties!!!!!!

Brie Latini said...

Hoooooo boy, you married a Taurus, too!!! I'm sure my husband tips his hat to you!!

Brie Latini said...

Thanks Laurie!!! My hubs had his birthday the week before, so we'll have a dual celebration this weekend!!!