Light's gone, days end...


...I danced with PJ to Killing Me Softly by The Fugees (via Roberta Flack, of course). His dimples popped out and he held up the appropriate amount of fingers as Wycleff sang "One time...two times...", laughing while we swayed. Bliss.

...I am pleased that I got off my ass and made an attempt to get back into the exercise groove I had been keeping up for so long. I fell off the wagon (as I so often do), but yesterday, my best friend ran 10 miles in less then two hours after training her ass off. Today I ran less then 3 miles in about an hour. Heh. But, I moved.

...This song. OMG.

...I am thinking about my husband, who has been working so hard for our little family lately. We were waiting for PJ's bus to come today, sitting on the front step and laughing together. Our marriage is a tightrope sometimes, as we try to balance so many things and not have them come crashing down on our heads. We are not always good at attending to our marriage, and it's something we need to work on. We annoy each other, but mostly, we love each other.

...I am also thinking of my sister, whom I spent all weekend white knighting on the internets! It's been a lifetime of precarious health for her, and it's never been more so then during the past few years while she battles lupus. I guess that for me, the difference between her childhood illness and her adult illness is that now, I've had my lifetime to know her. It raises the stakes. If I had lost her then, as horrible as it would have been, it would be nothing compared to if I lost her now. It would be even worse if I lost her tomorrow, and the day after, and so on. You get what I'm saying. So after so many kicks in the teeth for her when it came to her health, you can't know how it felt when he found out she does not have pulmonary hypertension. Blessings abound.

...I'm so flattered that Steph from Life According To Steph shared my blog post from the other day! My little blog is almost woozy from the hits, ha! Steph has such a fun space on the internets, filled with pugs and yummy food and Invalid Lairs. I know you want to know what that last one is all about, but I'm not telling. You'll just have to stop by and tell her hello. :-) And hello and welcome to all of the fun folks that have stopped by from LATS!'s time to go back to cultivating my newly formed addiction for "Song Pop"


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I was happy to share your piece, it got everyone on my FB page fired up too.

Love that Ed Sheeran song. I need to download it, but I am so lazy about doing that anymore.

Unknown said...

LOVE Steph! Her blog is fabulous!
I love that you compared your marriage to walking on a tight rope--that is EXACTLY what marriage is, all times. So glad to have found your blog!
Lulu and Daisy