I have loved you for a thousand years...

Today was one of those days. 
The kind where PJ's train ends up in the toilet.
More then once.
Announced by a gleeful
Every time. 
PJ's joy would have been more tolerable
Had I not had to stick my hand in the toilet.
More then once. 
At least he didn't flush.
Dinner started as a disaster.
PJ disintegrated into a teary, screamy mess.
(Mainly screamy.)
It looked like this:

(By the way, he wasn't wearing a shirt because he poured water all over himself.)
It took every ounce of my being to keep my cool
And not "accidentally" let PJ wander out the front door
Or at least burst into tears.  
Instead, I took a deep breath, and
Talked him down.
He eventually asked me if he could have
Something else for dinner.
These days, when he tantrums
I have a much better chance of getting him
To communicate why he's upset.
The strides in his speech
Take some of the edge off the tantrums.
At any rate, tonight,
I got him into his jammies
And read him a story.
PJ always sits with Mommy for stories,
Even if Daddy is home.
Book are our thing.
Even when we have a rough day
He plops into my lap and snuggles in while we read.
After, he hops into bed and
"Blows out" his light on the count of three.
I ask him,
"How much do Mommy and Daddy love you?"
And he answers,
"All the way to the moon and back."

{bad day repaired}


Jenny Saul-Avila said...

Our days are almost always repaired at bedtime - I also am the bedtime story, last bit of cute & lovely routine part of the day person. Some nights, he is overwound & stimmy, even through bedtime stories, but he pulls it together always for when it's time to turn out the light, get a kiss & get into bed. Thank goodness.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Sigh of relief for the late in the day save.

Unknown said...

I love that he blows out the lights. That is the cutest thing I've heard!