"Vacation, had to get away..."



It's Spring Break for my best Boy, and he has been having the time of his life this week! We spent three days in Ocean City, Maryland, where PJ was surrounded by his doting, loving cousins! My kiddo got his first sight of the ocean from our hotel balcony and promptly began the monologue "Let's go see the ocean? Go to the ocean? PJ go see ocean?" {repeat}

Thankfully, he not only got to dip his toesies into the very friggin' cold ocean, but he saw wild horses on Assateauge, went on a nature hike in Chicoteauge, swam in the hotel pool, ate yummy ice cream at Dumser's, and watched the sun set to a musical fanfare at Fager's Island. We walked the boardwalk and even stayed up until 10:30 with the big kids! It was everything we wanted for PJ's first stay-in-a-hotel vacation.

Photo by Aunt Ann


Our bathroom was redone!!! We had noticed that the floor around our toilet was a little soft (nothing like potty training a toddler to make you notice what the floor around the toilet is like!) and upon hearing that the subfloor needed to be replaced, our landlord decided to redo the whole bathroom. So now, in place of peeling linoleum and ugly walls, we have a lovely tiled floor, smooth, painted walls, new fixtures and a new sink and vanity! And now I need to go to Ikea. Obviously.


I have been on a memoir kick lately. Right now, I am reading Glennon Melton's Carry On, Warrior. I had already been a fan of her blog, Momastery, and was looking forward to her collection of essays on life. I find myself reading and, between laughs, nodding my head in agreement.


(Right now, PJ is gleefully playing with the Spring/Easter-theme window clings I bought for 99 cents when I was at the grocery store the other day. Winning.)

Even though yesterday was a long one- a last morning taking in the sights of OCMD and then a long drive back- I had more fun waiting for me in Philly! My sister gifted me with tickets to see Maroon 5 months ago! I was kind of old-lady-ish in my fatigue, but we still had a blast! They are fantastic live, and Adam Levine is even more hot in person! Truth.


Here is today's post for my month-long Autism Awareness Month writing project. Sharing PJ's story has been an amazing blessing- the outpouring of love and support has been more then I could have ever dreamed of. We are very, very lucky, and sharing the hard things has made this even more apparent. I hope that a few people can see that PJ's diagnosis of Autism hasn't made being his mother and father any less joyful and spectacular than it would be had PJ been born "neurotypical".

She may be winging her way to Texas, but it's still Friday which means I linked up with the Joy of the south at her lovely blog, The Sowell Life! Stop by and say hi!

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