"The things I dream that I can do, I'd open up the moon for you..."

Things on Thursday: On Motherhood...

I had a post planned for tonight, about our last few days of vacation, and about PJ going back to school yesterday. He got on the bus with a big smile on his face, and my mama heart was a little bit sad to have our fun, snuggly, busy winter break come to an end.

It's all there, but on this ice-cold night, the third of this new year, my heart is breaking for another mama. I have come to realize that motherhood is a kind of a sisterhood. It's not without its cliques or battles or nastiness, of course, as any sisterhood is also a "human-hood". We're all human. And I think it's that simple, common denominator of humanity that makes every mama hurt when one mama hurts. Our babies are their babies and vice versa.

Motherhood is a heady, powerful thing. The same body that I curse for being too fat or torture into submission with hair dye and eyebrow waxes carried another human being within it and then kept it alive with this body alone for half of a year. That in itself is pretty amazing, and yet it somehow pales in comparison to what a mothers heart is capable of. I look at my son and feel something that I can't truly describe, as mouthy and talkative as I am. One moment you're ordinary and the next, there's pee on a stick and you're extraordinary.

Our hearts are full of our children and our families and yet, somehow, when there's another mama hurting, there's always a little extra room. The members of this sisterhood hold no rank or file. Famous and wealthy or poor and unknown, when it comes down to it, a mother is a mother is a mother. Tonight, I'm filling that extra space in my heart with another.

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