"One day I will build a fountain, drink and never grow old..."

{dramatic groan}

Uuuuggghhh. This working out thing is, thus far, not agreeing with me. Or, at least, it was until I let my friends Megan and Michelle get to me and talk me into going to "Fit Camp", a group workout session that Megan started about a year ago. With Pete's work schedule and my laziness, it's often hard for me to get there, but last night, the stars aligned and with my New Years fervor all aglow, I went.

Ugh. Dumbest move ever.

Today I'm feeling the burn, which is not so much the fault of the workout as it is the fault of my fat, lazy ass. Like, literally, my ass. It's killing me, as are my thighs (damn those squats), my abs, and my shoulders. Good because I love feeling that I've had a good workout, bad because OMGMYTHIGHS!!! The workout is actually a lot of fun, and the camaraderie of working out with friends can't be beat! For now, I am just trying to keep my eye on the prize and know that soon enough, it won't be so hard. I'm a week in and already feeling a difference, so I just need to hang in there!

I've also been in the mood to purge and SERIOUSLY IF YOU THINK I MEAN THROWING UP WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??? I said that to two people and I got the raised eyebrow and stink eye from both of them. I mean, purge in the sense of getting rid of stuff! This apartment is too small for the amount of stuff we have in here. I think the Duggar house is too small for the amount of stuff we have here. So, off it goes. First are the closets. Mine isn't so bad. I got rid of a ton of stuff a few months back and the reality is, I have like, five outfits that I just rotate. Pete's on the other hand, had enough clothes to keep those same Duggars dressed for a month. I have to hand it to him, though. I gave him a gentle push in the direction of his closet with instructions to purge, and ten minutes later there was a sizable "Donate" pile. Booyah. Next up are old toys, and then I need to get the book situation under control and hopefully, we'll be somewhere near something close to a normal amount of clutter.

Holy crap, my shoulder is killing me.

Yesterday we had PJ's follow-up at the autism clinic at CHOP. The visit went well and Pete and I felt a little better in knowing that a lot of PJ's current difficulties have to do with the transitional period he is in, along with his age. She told us what we already sort of knew- just hang on and it will get better. What might take one child a month to get used to could take PJ four months. Or it could take a week! Either way, we just keep breathing and get through this. In other news, my current coffee intake rivals twice what I was drinking in college. Sigh.

Now it's time for this old fatty to go dive into the Advil and go to bed! :-)

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