"Not to put too fine a point on it..."

Things On Thursday

...I was literally astounded by the kind, heartfelt, lovely comments people gave me about yesterdays post. Knowing that I have people who love my PJ, and who root for him- some having never even met him!- makes us feel like we can take on the world! It's a scary thing to put yourself out there, and it's really not even brave or special or noteworthy in my case. I blog because A. It's easier then actually talking about it and B. I really, really enjoy writing. So, there's two things that I get out of blogging before one person even read this. Anything else is just the amazing, delicious icing on top! But I wasn't prepared for the pure kindness that my cake was slathered with and I don't even know where to begin to say "thank you".

...PJ had his follow-up appointment with the audiologist today! We never really had any fears about his hearing, but made an appointment 6 months ago at the advice of his developmental pediatrician. At the time, the testing was difficult as PJ would not let anyone or any thing near his ears! They did whatever hands-off testing they could do at the time and suggested that we bring him back when his tolerance for ear-touchies went up. So we ventured back today, having practiced with ear phones at home, and PJ was a
champ! He got through all of the testing like a rock star and his hearing is perfect. He's just ignoring us! :-)

...I need a new pair of sneakers. The ones I have now are old. I bought them before I was even engaged so I have had them since, at least, 2007. That's old for sneakers. I refuse to splurge on new workout clothes because frankly, I don't feel like my fat ass deserves them. I'll continue to work out in my maternity yoga pants and I'll like it, thank you very much! But, I do need to be more mindful of my feets, so I think a sneaker excursion is in the works. Brand suggestions are appreciated.

...Random story inspired by talking about my old sneakers: I have a pair of wide-legged, black pants from Express. They are my go to pants if I need to dress slightly better then my usual Homeless Lady Chic. I heart them. But they are old. Like, not normal old. I bought them in 1997. I needed some "professional" clothes for my field placement my senior year of college. I was doing social work in the maternal/child heath department of a local Erie hospital. Just by that fact alone I should throw them out. The damn pants are fifteen years old!! But I will continue to buck any semblance of fashion sense and wear them until they disintegrate!

...The other day I dug out my 10,000 Maniacs CD and played it while I cleaned the kitchen. I hadn't listened to it in forever and Natalie Merchant's gorgeous voice filled up my soul that day. I mentioned it on Facebook and got into a conversation with a dear high school friend about other 90's music that I used to listen to. It made me all music-hungry for Gin Blossoms, They Might Be Giants, and Toad the Wet Sprocket (whose lyrics I used in my post yesterday. Windmills is a beautiful song). The 90's had its share of cheese, but there was also some amazing, lyrics-driving music made. Although there was also Kris Kross, who I hear is making a comeback. So, there's that. It's whiggedywhiggedywhiggedywhiggedy whack!

...Hockey is finally back and, four games in, so are the Flyers! Thank. Goodness! I'm off of junk food right now I needed a Flyers win to fill the empty spaces!

...It's time to stop blogging and start folding laundry.

Goodnight, lovely friends!

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