"Just because it burns doesn't mean you're gonna die, you gotta get up and try.."

It's a quiet one here at the home of the Latini's of Collingswood. PJ went to bed early and fell right asleep, and Pete is working, leaving this Mama home alone to play You Don't Know Jack on Facebook and watch SVU instead of doing housework. Fail.

I hadn't been feeling great over the past week or two. I'd been plagued by some sort of blechy-ness and it was running me down. I finally succumbed to the lure of a Z-Pak to try and slay this beast before I really got sick! I learned my lesson in my 20's about trying to ignore illness. You can become very, very sick doing that! It's not a fun lesson to learn, so I try to make an effort to nip illness in the bud! Said Z-Pak worked wonders and I am feeling and sleeping much better.

Despite feeling a little run down, last week was a good week. Like, solidly, every day was a pretty decent one. PJ had a fantastic week at school, with great reports from his teacher and therapists! At home, we got through his therapies with little trouble and more cooperation then I have had before. PJ even got to go the pool this week, an excursion that he loved! My little fishie loves the water, and the swimming is great "work" for his hyper little muscles! A positive week made a huge difference in the overall mood of the house- when PJ's feeling good, everyone's feeling good!

This week? Eh. It hadn't been bad at all. PJ started the week off beautifully with good reports from school, but then we heard from his speech teacher that he tantrumed during his speech session and actually scratched her face. Yup. That was upsetting. I am very glad she told us, because I can't try to rectify his behaviors if I don't know about them. His speech therapist does an amazing job of communicating with us. I was happy to know, but very, very sad to hear. I don't even know what to say about it. I'm disappointed. I'm sad. I know PJ can be better then that. I mean, he's three. All three year olds have those moments. But...it's hard to know that your baby hurt someone.

We had another rough moment this week going to Story Hour. A local library hosts a story hour in which older kids read to the younger ones, with snack and a craft after. On paper, it seems right up PJ's alley- big kids, books, food, and a mess? Usually that's the recipe for a jackpot. For some reason though, PJ and this story hour do not mix well. We took a few months off before giving it another shot, but PJ howled the second we walked in. So, I gathered him up, turned around, and walked back out. With all of the battles I have to fight him on lately- school, therapy, behaviors- this just wasn't one I needed to win. It was 53 degrees out, so we went to the playground. I am pretty sure that this decision was a Grand Parental Fail on thousands of levels, mainly because I let him get his way after a tantrum. But the playground was fun. :-)

With all of that said, the better moments have far outweighed the crappy ones so far this week. We had a fantastic Sunday with family that was filled with laughter and good food and PJ playing under the dining room table with his baby cousin Evan (so cute!). PJ had a great Monday at school, our drills at home have been going well, and he had a great time swimming at the YMCA with Mommy today! And, after months of trying, PJ drew a definitive horizontal line, vertical line, and a circle today! I was so excited I e-mailed his OT from CHOP, who worked tirelessly on helping PJ develop this skill while he was under her care. As it turns out,even when it's hard, it's good. We keep on keepin' on.

Hope you're doing the same! Happy Hump Day, friends!

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Shelly said...

I think it was VERY wise of you to listen to PJ and see that he just wasn't feeling story time. You are not a fail-you are a rock star!! Good for you for following your gut and making the most out of the day-next time will be better! :)