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Things on Thursday

This has been kind of a long week. As a Facebook friend put it, "Why is this week four weeks long?" I can't believe there's still two days left to this week!

Since PJ started school, our opportunities for play dates have dwindled, since he is in school during Prime Play Date Time, and we are working on this therapies when he's home. But a text message from a dear friend, offering lunch, potential kid fun, and company popped up on my phone, we made an adjustment to our schedule and went rouge on our usual schedule. And a good thing, otherwise, we might have missed out on all of this cuteness!

And speaking of said cuteness? I literally almost burst into tears watching PJ smiling and playing with his friends. A year ago, I wasn't sure if moments like this would be possible. Today, he smiled at his little buddies and reached for their hands again, ready for another round of Ring Around The Rosey.


In less cute news, I have been working hard to try and have ABA therapy set up for PJ, not only to make sure that he's in the hands of a professional but (and I am okay with this now) also to ease some of the weight of his therapies from my own shoulders. I am actually really, really proud of all of the hard work we have done. PJ has learned so much from the work we have done together, but the fact is that I am just not equipped to take him as far as I know he can go. In a mama capacity, I can get him to the stars! But, I'm not a therapist. So, we're looking for some help. Which would be easier to find if navigating our insurance plans wasn't such a GIANT, FESTERING PAIN IN MY NECK!! I am starting to think that PJ is the first autistic beneficiary this plan has ever dealt with, because holy cow. Every time I call, there is a different answer about what PJ is eligible for, how we prove it, and what it might cost. It is annoying at best and enough to make me smash my head against a wall at it worst. Thankfully, I got some helpful advice from someone at PJ's developmental pediatricians office that should help!

The last part of this million-year-long week involves some fun, and I am ready for it! I am looking forward to blowing off some steam at Girl's Night, spending time with my little family, and enjoying the commercials on Super Bowl Sunday! Until then, it's time for this mama to go to bed!

Good night!


Emily Stephens said...

Insurance can be such a bear, perhaps they have a liaison that could help you to navigate through it all?

I'm swinging by for the first time, so happy to have discovered you from Bloggy Moms.

Have a great weekend - enjoy those commercials tomorrow!

Brie Latini said...

Hi Emily!! Thank' for coming by! It's funny you said that because I had made that exact call to someone at my husbands work! I am hoping she can help me out!