"Don't give up, because you want to burn bright..."

Happy Monday, folks!

We had a busy, eventful weekend here, starting off on Friday with a bona fide night out for Pete and I! It was a night filled with sushi and celebration (Happy Birthday, Matt!). It was filled with an ear ring in each ear and (on average) two beers in each hand. I spent an hour plucking my eyebrows, sitting in our bathroom sink, and five minutes to inhale my delicious plate at dinner, sitting in a popular local spot. I took care with my clothes and painted my nails. After a week of struggling through PJ's therapies with him, it was an hour or two of relaxation and grown-up fun that I desperately needed.

Speaking of PJ's therapies...they're going. It is still a battle of wills for the most part, and my Boy is stubborn. It's like nothing I have ever witnessed in my life. If we're working with flash cards, and he's not interested, he'll fall silent, and if I press him for an answer, he closes his eyes!!!! In my imagination, I bang my head against a brick wall. In real life, I sigh and try not to validate his..let's face it. Obnoxiousness. Thankfully, and despite PJ's best efforts sometimes, he is learning. Letters, numbers, sorting, flash cards, it's all starting to stick. We're seeing progress, and it's like someone tossing me one arm float as I drown in raging rapids. I just have to stay afloat and wait for the other.

As far as the rest of the weekend, sushi and therapy aside, I took advantage of Pete being home to get a ton of cleaning done. PJ's train table was moved into his bedroom, which was, subsequently, cleaned and reorganized! Our living room is ours again and PJ is rediscovering some of the toys he abandoned during his Train Table Honeymoon. Last night, I enjoyed the Golden Globes on tv and cleaned the bathroom during the commercial breaks. I was tired and cranky when I went to bed, but feeling that satisfaction of having Got Shit Done.

I am hoping to keep that trend going this week, although I would settle for finding a rhythm with PJ's therapy. But my baby Boy and I will do like we do- plug away until we get it right, because my boy always rises to the occasion!


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Anonymous said...

Glad you got the brief time off you so needed and deserved!

While I had seen many of the movies nominated the Globes just reminded me of all the ones I STILL want to see!