"On and on, the story of our lives goes on and on..."

After yesterday's post,
Voicing all of that frustration,
I did the only thing a girl can do-
Indulge in retail therapy.
I loaded my best Boy and my best Sister
Into the car and drove to Delaware
(What? Tax-free shopping???).
Our first stop?
We purchased the iPad that was so amazingly, generously
Funded for PJ's birthday by so many of his loved ones!
I have already loaded on some of his favorite apps from therapy
And can't wait to give it to him tomorrow!
I also got bras
Because I needed them.
My last bra was laid to rest on Christmas day,
The right underwire being entombed in my in-laws trash can
Because it very nearly gave me an impromptu heart surgery.
And Marla exchanged a bag.
It was a successful shopping trip
Punctuated by a delicious lunch
And it was good for my soul.
Thankfully, there's just New Year's and after that
Life will begin anew and hopefully return to normal.
Or whatever passes as "normal" around here.
The frustration still is in my heart
And I am praying for the strength, patience and insight to know
The best direction to take for all of us,
PJ especially.
In little more then 24 hours
2012 will be nothing but a memory.
In my case, the memory of the most life-changing year of my life.
We have so much to face, but I can only hope that
What we have already been through
Has molded me into someone who is ready to face
All of what 2013 has to offer me.
And I know,
I know,
That it will be amazing.

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