"...but I don't even run from the rain."

It's Sunday night, and...

...it was daylight savings, also known as The Longest Damn Day of the Year. I remember when it was the best day ever because I could get an extra hour of sleep! But, those days were before motherhood and now, daylight savings means an extra hour of Toddler Madness. Oy, vey. Good thing it's also an extra hour of cuteness!

...before bed, PJ and I snuggled and watched "Monster's Inc.", his new favorite! He loves to tell me everything that is happening on screen ("Sully brushing teeth!") and, to my great amusement, calls Mr. Waternoose "More Feet!". The movie is being re-released next month and we are hoping it will be PJ's first theater movie!

Henry J Waternoose III.jpg
Bwahahahaha!! "More Feet!"

...we have a very busy week coming up! Pete will be working for much of it, so I just hope for things to go smoothly and with ease! Even though it sometimes feels like our routine is disrupted a bit when Pete is home, I mainly miss him when he's not and feel thankful to have him to lean on when he's here!

...I can not believe it's November already! My baby is going to be three in twenty-two days, and will be starting school by the end of the month. I am completely unprepared for both events.

...we had a great time Trick-or-Treating yesterday! Halloween was rescheduled due to Hurricane Tropical Storm Post-Tropical Cyclone Sandy. My town and most of the surrounding areas were blessed to have minimal damage- some down trees and power outages- but it was still startling to see huge trees leaning on homes and the mess the storm left behind. Still, I know how amazingly lucky we are compared to our neighbors at the shore. My parents lost power for several days- their neighborhood is having Trick-or-Treating tomorrow so I may take PJ by for a second round! PJ's beloved ocean beat the living hell out of the people there, and it's like hearing your best friend punched her mother or something. You just can't fathom how it happened. At any rate, many people were kind enough to take pictures of PJ for me, so as soon as I get my hands on them, I'll post them!

...Pete was on call for work tonight, so he slept all day just in case he was asked to come in. Which he wasn't. So, now he's wide awake and I'm about to pass out. Sigh. Par for the course.

It's Sunday night, and I am ready for bed!

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Marta said...

Love Monster's Inc :-)

Daylight Savings was great yesterday because I got to sleep in an hour, and the kids went to bed early. Not good was when they woke up at 5:30 am today. Ugh!