"You're so precious to me..."

Today was a real, start-of-fall day.
It was grey and cold and damp.
It was snuggle inside weather...
Wear your pajamas all day weather...
Don't bother putting on a bra weather.
Well, just me for that last one.
It was an ordinary day.
It wasn't shiny or exciting.
It, really, wasn't anything to write about.
But, there were lots of hugs.
Tons of laughs.
Scads of jumping on Mommy and Daddys bed.
Well, just PJ for that last one.
At the end of the day,
After a glow stick bath (PJ's favorite),
I zipped my big boy into the first pair of footie pajamas this season.
(It's going into the 40's tonight and my boy gets icicle feet and hands, just like his Mommy!)
A few days ago, my mom and I went shopping to get PJ some new clothes.
Particularly, some school clothes.
Because my big boy is going to school next month.
But when I zipped him into a nice, warm pair of
Blue stripped footie pajamas,
With his beloved paci tucked firmly between his lips...
Ahhh....there he is.
A hint of the tiny blonde boy we brought home from the hospital
Just shy of three years ago.
In just shy of two months, I'll kiss him goodbye
And put him on a bus.
It will just be a few hours...
That will seem like a million.
So, tonight, I savored the feeling
Of a baby boy in footie pajamas
Kissing his Mommy goodnight.

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Shelly said...

Love this, love you and love that boy.