"I sit and wonder why-y-y-y...Sandy.."

Oh, please. Like there was another song I could use this weekend.

In case you've stumbled upon this blog and aren't on the eastern seaboard, we're being pummeled by Hurricane Tropical Storm  Post-Tropical Cyclone (according to the National Weather Service) Sandy. She has been dumping rain on us for over 24 hours now and this afternoon the winds kicked up. I am as far inland as you can get without being in Philadelphia, so thankfully, things here aren't as bad as they are at my beloved shore, where there is extensive damage.

I have to admit, I'm a bit worried about this little girl:

lucy mainpage3
Lucy! On the right, per-restoration, on the left as she is today! Love her!

We managed to squeeze in a very busy weekend before Sandy rolled in. There was a girls night out, the Lupus Walk, Robbie's 5th birthday, and some dying my hair purple time.

Wait. What?

At any rate, I'm waiting out the storm and trying to keep poor PJ amused! We are used to lots of activity, but without even therapy to get us through, it's a challenge keeping my high-energy Boy happy! I am hoping that tomorrow will be the last of it!

Thee is so much to tell, but it will have to be for tomorrow, friends! I have a cute toddler to snuggle and keep safe in this crazy storm!

Be safe!

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