"I can't find the air..."


Oh, these boys.
How blessed I am to have them.
We shared some fall fun yesterday,
pumpkin picking at a local farm!
PJ, at first, only had eyes for the tractor.
"Green tractor!"
He ran through the pumpkin patch
drumming on the huge ones
and trying to fling the smaller ones
while Pete tried to chase him with the
camera and camcorder.
But he was happy as can be and on the way back
discovered just how fun hay can be. :-)
He piled it on his legs and threw it in the air.
It was fresh, super clean, fluffy hay and it smelled
Like, I wondered if maybe Yankee Candle made a
"Fresh Hay" scent.
Sadly, my lungs didn't agree and went all
"Bitch, please, you know we don't do hay!" and
Shut the heck down.
The rest of yesterday was, needless to say,
I was struggling to fill my lungs with air as I grappled with
one of the more severe allergy attacks I have ever had.
But it was worth it to miss some air in my lungs when
my heart was just so. damn. full.
Even more full as, in the wake of a tragedy
I realize that it's all fleeting.
In a blink, I have a newborn...
I have an infant...
I have a toddler...
And even though the time blazes by
you just assume that time will be long.
Oh, I pray so hard for it to be long.
And I pray for the family who lost their beautiful Autumn.


putthefuninfun said...

I just love seeing your sweet little family!

My lungs hate hay too....it's so not fair! All of the adorable pictures lead to miserable allergies ALL freakin' day...

Stephanie said...

That was beautiful!