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Some Stuff to Say on a Sunday

- PJ slept in today- we didn't get up until 8am! He has been sleeping like it's his job lately which makes me think he might be hitting another growth spurt.

- This was Pete's weekend to work, so it was a little lonely around here. He is hoping to make a move to a new floor of the hospital, either in the Emergency Department or in the ICU. With that change will come the privilege of being able to self-schedule. He will still have to work his required weekends (every 3rd) but he will be able to customize his schedule and, hopefully, have a better balance between work and home.

- I watched the season finale of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" and it was everything I needed, and more.

- We have finally settled on PJ's Halloween costume and I will start it this week! SO EXCITED!!!! This will be the first year that he should get the whole process! If nothing else, he sure as hell will know he's getting candy!!

- Brian Dawkins is a former Eagle, a class act, and pretty much the cutest thing ever. He had his number retired tonight and, even though I don't care for football all that much, you can't help but cheer a guy like that on! Read this story to fully get an idea of what an amazing example he is. I hope PJ picks a sports hero like him to look up to someday.

- I just had to get up to put on a sweatshirt and I like it! No matter what season it is, night time should never be above 50 degrees. Night time is for blankets, candles, and snuggling!

- PJ got to take part in an encore of apple picking! We joined his cousins, aunts, and uncle at a local orchard for some fall fun! The day was warm, breezy and lovely. PJ picked an apple or two, but seemed content to pick "flowers" instead. Anything with some sort of whatever growing from it's end qualified as a flower- tall grass, apple leaves, clovers, etc. I didn't take home any apples since I have an ass ton from apple picking last week, and we left early because he was crashing out, but it was the perfect day for being in the fresh air, having fun with family!

- On the advice of PJ's therapists, we got him a little table and chairs. It gives him a place to do a tabletop activity (stacking blocks, coloring, etc.) and allows him to sit with his feet on the floor. Hopefully, having his feet on the floor will meet some of the sensory needs he seeks out when he bounces and jumps around. The man likes the feeling of something under his feet! The theory is that this will help him increase his ability to attend to tasks. At any rate, I decided I needed to pimp it out. Pictures to come.

- My sister Marla had some bad luck this week. She was supposed to start a new medication to combat her Lupus, but a mistake with some lab work caused a delay until next week. It was par for the course for Mar- it just seems to be one kick in the teeth after another when it comes to this Lupus bullshit. Please pray that next week, everyone has their act together and we can get this damn medication into her, already!

- I am thinking about switching hosts for my blog, as this one has been getting spammed to death lately. So, so annoying.

- It's late, and I still need to clean up the living room for PJ's therapy tomorrow, so it's time so say good night! <3>

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