"What do you say to taking chances..."

Friday Happys

- a week of absolutely gorgeous, eat outside, play on the playground without sweating, sweatshirt in the morning, sleeping with the windows open, almost nearly fall weather. Despite the fact that my allergies are in a very dramatic, downward spiral, I love this time of year. It is my favorite.

- making a new bloggy friend, despite the fact that I didn't discover her e-mail until months after she wrote it. The part of me that needs to get my emotions on paper blogs to do just that, and the part of me that loves to write does just that, in the hopes that someone will read it. A diary under my bed would only speak to one part of it. So, every now and then, someone stumbles here and reaches out, and it's so awesome. Technology makes friendship so different now, and I like it.

- the fact that my amazing, wonderful, generous, supportive friends helped me reach my fundraising goal for the Walk for Autism Speaks in two days. The Walk is tomorrow and PJ and I are thrilled that we have reached our modest goal. Won't you consider making a small donation?

- Instagram. To borrow a line from those hot sauce ads, "I use that sh*t on everything".

- a new planner and a pack of gel pens with colored ink. I tried using a digital calendar, but I had to go back to paper. I'm too dumb to keep our schedules in my head, and the planner speaks to my nerdy, I-love-pens-and-pencils-and-organization side. It's a win-win.

- trips to Target with my best dude.

- blessed news that the baby gestating in the cute, round tummy of our neighbor is a girl! They are so excited and we are excited for them! Pregnancy is such an amazing time!

- Marla getting her port put in. Which, in and of itself, isn't fun. She's sore from the surgery and all orange from the iodine. But, when the surgery to place the port is all healed, it will make getting the medicine she needs to fight Lupus that much easier for her to get into her body. Because seriously? This Lupus crap is bullshit.

- PJ getting to spend time with his cousins. He "talks" about them constantly. He points them out in pictures and laughs at video of him and his cousin Robbie. Just getting them in his sights makes him so happy!

- this picture of PJ...makes me laugh every time...

-snuggling in my nice, comfy bed with a good book...which is where I am headed now.


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