"Just a boy, just an ordinary boy, but he was looking to the sky..."

For a Monday, today has been pretty goddamn good.

Pete had to work last night (the only fly in my Monday ointment), but PJ, predictably, had stealthily crept into our bed just after the sun rose. A text message let me know that his therapy was cancelled for the morning (eyeroll) so I let him sleep, which he did adorably until 8:30am!


When we finally ventured out into the kitchen for breakfast, I found that it was chilly! There are few things I love more then chilly, open-window weather, and it just.made. me. happy. We spent some time at the playground with wonderful friends, who joined us for lunch, and after that, PJ took a nap.

It all sounds riveting, right?

PJ had a hot dog for dinner (only a partial fail since it was a turkey hot dog) an we headed off to his last session of occupational therapy at CHOP. He completed a ten-session course of therapy with a great session tonight. He still has a long way to go, but he's made such amazing progress! I felt so proud watching him do puzzles, thread beads, draw lines and toss beanbag animals. He just fills my heart every day and it was so exciting to see him complete this little chapter.

Now my best dude is sound asleep and it's chilly once again. It wasn't an exciting day by any means, but it was just so...good.

It's bedtime. Goodnight, friends...

Photo by @cinzana

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