"Sundays were made for this..."

My little corner of NJ is in the midst of the most delicious, open-window weather and I am loving it! Warm, humidity-free days and cool, sleeping-weather nights have been the theme for the weekend and despite it being Pete's weekend to work, it's been a lovely one!

There has been a craft fair this weekend in our town, shutting down the main road to make way for vendors to showcase their wares, ranging from cute to gorgeous, quirky to practical. Bars made from wine barrels, tutus for the tinniest of baby girls, ropes of amazing, beaded jewelry, sculptures made from nails- there was so much to see and before Pete had to get to sleep for work yesterday we gleefully window-shopped as a family.

Before that, PJ and I spent a happy hour making roads and bridges with his blocks, making each other laugh with our varied "vroom vroom"-type noises. His play skills are evolving and it's so much fun to watch! He's still pretty far behind, but always moving forward and that's all we can ask for. Spending time playing with my son, as he he pushes cars along a block road ("roomroomroomroomroom") fills my heart so much that I can't imagine anything more.

This morning PJ and I (Pete had to sleep off his shift from last night) met up with my parents, sister, and bro-in-law at our usual local haunt. My dads softball schedule had interfered with our usual Sunday breakfast date, but with his season done (they lost in the finals. Boo.) we all met up again for coffee and chat and general together-ness. Even PJ behaved like an angel and talked up a storm! Er, well, he behaved like an angel once he got some food into him. I had given his a bowl of Lucky Charms as a pre-breakfast, but as he only picked out the marshmallows, he was hungry and in a fling-crap-from-the-table mood until he got some pancakes and sausage in front of him. Then it was all angelic, pancake-filled smiles and enthused declarations of how "MMmmmmmm, YUMMY!" the food was.

There were walks and trips to the playground and repeat appearances at the craft fair. PJ got tons of fresh air, kettle corn (we swung by the Farmers Market), room to run and time with family. And he's been asleep about forty seconds after I've tucked him into bed these past few nights. Win.

It's been a quiet, comforting, restful weekend, and just what we all needed before we jump back into the fray of the week and are neck deep in therapies and house work and all of the things that pull at us. This includes another call to the agency that's (not) providing PJ's Developmental Integration therapy. And this time, I'll be using the Big Voice. It's on.

Wish me luck, friends.


Alisha L said...

Good luck! I just happened upon your blog, and wanted to let you know, you have a reader who read your writing. :)


Brie Latini said...

Thank you!!!!! That totally made me smile!!!