"It's like a heat wave burnin' in my heart!"

Holy crap, y'all. It is hot out! Over 100 degrees today, so we are all staying in!

It's been busy as usual, with all of the hustle and bustle of summer upon us! The usual suspects- play dates, therapy, family time- have been joined by days at the pool, birthday parties, vacation and holiday celebrations,and the milestone of mine and Pete's 4th wedding anniversary! Pete had some time off so we were able to spend a few days with PJ in Margate, staying at the house that has been in my mother-in-law's family since she was a little girl. It is a blessing that we have such a treat to share with our family, since a beach vacation would be out of the realm of financial possibility for us otherwise! Often it's filled with family, but this week it was just us (much, I'm sure, to PJ's chagrin, since he loves him some cousin time!). PJ always seems so at home there; he slept in one of the beds like a big boy and had a blast running up and down the long hallway and behind the very large couch in the living room! We spent as much time as possible on the beach and my little beach babe enjoyed every second of it, not wanting to come out of the waves even when he was blue and shivering! Even now, the word "ocean" can't be mentioned without PJ cheering "OCEAN!!! YEAH!!!".

Sadly, the trip was a complete fail in the picture department! I was able to snap a few shots with my phone but usually had my hands full chasing PJ to capture the moment! I just have to remember my best boy jumping in the waves, eating ice cream by the bay, running on the boardwalk and sliding down the giant slide on Wonderland Pier!

We also joined our local pool, which is inexpensive and wonderful! Babies are allowed into the "Big Pool" with a swim diaper, so PJ can get in and "swim" with his Mommy and Daddy or play in the toddler pool with some of the friends we have made. There are even a series of swim lessons being offered, so we signed PJ up! Pete and I have been dying to get him back into swim lessons ever since we took as class that was gifted to us by my oldest/bestest, Randi! Swim lessons are hard to come by in this area- they are in demand and finding a spot is difficult- so we are so excited for this opportunity!

PJ's therapy has had a bit of a shake up, with one therapist going on her maternity leave because her beautiful baby boy arrived a full month early (both mama and babe are fine and we are filled with joy for them!) and another making the choice to leave after over 10 years because she couldn't risk being a victim of budget cuts and possibly losing her benefits (I completely agree with her choice and I think she will be amazing in her new position!). PJ will also be starting additional speech and occupational therapy via Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and has follow up in the Autism clinic this Monday. We are also still waiting for the rest of his genetic testing results to come back. It all has me on pins and needles, a bit. We wonder how the additional therapy will impact our quickly-dwindling free time and ever-rapidly depleting wallets, and if the results of the genetic testings might mean no more children for us. It's a difficult thing to face all together and I feel isolated sometimes, unable to voice any of this worry any place but here.

Still, through it all is that goofy kid I helped create, who makes me smile even when he's frustrating me, the friends who are willing to cut his hair and hang his picture in a frame in their playroom, and my sister and family who catch me without prompting, even when it's clear I'd rather just fall then ask for help. I just have to peel back my eyelids, keep my eye on the prize, and remember that I have so, so much!

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