"Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday..."

On my sister Marla's blog today, she made the observation that people tend to blog about what makes them happy on Fridays. Being Friday the 13th, it's not just any ordinary Friday, of course, but she's not really a horror movie fan so she went with the happy theme. I think I'll follow suit:

Brie's Friday the 13th List:
Stuff That Makes Me Happy

1. The way PJ says "Salty" (a character on "Thomas and Friends")
It's. So. Cute!

2. The fact that even though we see each other at least twice a week, Marla and I spoke on the phone for over an hour today!

3. This neatness kick I've been on lately. Or, rather, how nice everything looks when it's clean in here. The cleaning in and of itself is stupid

4. PJ full-out, hysterically laughing at the Talking Tom app on Pete's phone. Also, how sweetly and beautifully he asks for the use of the phone!

5. That after months of nagging, begging, and cajoling, I finally got Pete to make a decision and switch our cable to FiOS, saving us $25 a month and allowing PJ unlimited access to his current favorite, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

6. Having plans with Carmen tomorrow to go to Sahara Sams! It's a re-do of our original plans to go to the beach for the day. Since it might rain, we went for indoor beach-like! Either way, so happy to spend time with my friend and get PJ and her nephew Noah together!

7. Coffee. Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee.

8. This.

ferncer ferst

So stupid. So, so funny.

9. The dude that plays Michael Weston on "Burn Notice" and Adam Levine. Sigh.

10. Reading "Where The Wild Things Are" to my own little Wild Thing! Love.

What makes you happy????