"Oh, life is bigger- it's bigger then you..."

The past few weeks have been a challenge. 
The highs have been very high and
the lows, while not earth-shattering
have gone straight into my heart all stabby-like. 
Sometimes it's just how your luck rolls
no matter how much you pray 
for a different outcome.
And really,
how else would you learn lessons
or find the ways to be strong?
PJ is in full-fledged two-ness...
or it might just be autism. 
Or, you know.
A dear friend sent me a note to reach out
and reminded me that PJ is 
"perfectly imperfect"
not because of his autism but simply because
he is a child. 
Perfectly imperfect. 
My sweet, funny boy who 
roller skated with the big kids 
at his cousins birthday party
and splashed in his little pool in our backyard,
sliding down the slide we rigged up, 
laughing with delight;
Who went to a Phillie's game
for a special Daddy/Baby Boy day out
and does not have the few
very scary
disorders he'd been tested for. 
He's not perfect, that PJ. 
He's tantrum-y and stubborn
and challenges his father and I
every single day.
It's not easy, this thing we're doing here. 
But that baby Boy?
That's my baby Boy. 
Perfectly imperfect,
and everything I dreamed of. 


Shelly said...

love you guys!!

Marta said...

Perfectly imperfect is a great way to sum up each and every one of us!