"Tonight, we are young! So let's set the world on fire!"


...my boys slept in a little, cuddled up in bed while I made breakfast. It was the sweetest thing ever.

...PJ had a great therapy session. He is improving and growing before our eyes!

...we had a train-filled, Munchkin-filled, Mama-chat-filled, toddler-hug-and-kisses-filled play date today with some dear friends and it was wonderful!

...PJ took a long nap while the sky opened up this afternoon- I haven't seen it rain like that in a long time!

...while Pete got ready for work I giggled with my best Boy over chicken nuggets and strawberries.

...PJ and I enjoyed a frozen yogurt date with the Oldest/Bestest and her littles. I sometimes, still, can't believe that it's not just Randi and I meeting to gossip and laugh. We are totally grown-ups now. So strange.


...Pete is at work. Boo.

...There is no hockey on. Double boo.

...PJ is tucked into bed after utilizing the trampoline to work off his frozen yogurt high! He looks supersuperhandsome in his new jammies from his Bubbie!

...I got a load of laundry done.

...I got one load of laundry down, but still have twenty bazillion other household tasks to do. Fail.

...I am happy that tomorrow is Friday and Pete will be home!

...I have the song "We Are Young" stuck in my head after being serenaded by Randi's girls! :-)

...I am lucky.

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