"It's you and me in the summertime..."


I am very, very tired today after a restless night with PJ.I do love me a good thunder and lightning storm, but the one that hit us around 1:30am woke my sweet dude with some loud rounds of God bowling. One loud clap had PJ hightailing it into my bed before the flash of lightning had disappeared! He tried his best to snuggle close and go back to sleep, but once awakened, he tossed and turned all night. I might have been able to doze had the flailing hands/toes/elbows/etc of said tosser not prevented me from doing so.

Now PJ is napping on this warm Wednesday and I thinking about how warm it really is and that I really need to go shopping for some summer clothes! I can't believe it's already mid-May! Last summer was wonderful- we swam and and beached and play-dated and Pocono-ed to our hearts content! It was the first summer that PJ was big enough to actually do things and every day filled my heart!

I am looking forward to this summer, too, but now we have all of PJ's therapies to work around. We can't take advantage of Pete's flexible schedule and hop down to Margate for a few days. I know it will still be a golden summer with my golden Boy, but in my heart, it feels a bit like we downgraded from 24 carrots to 14. Still pretty, but not the same.

Tonight, summer was relegated to the back of my mind as we enjoyed an impromptu after-dinner play date with some dear friends! It was a gorgeous, slightly-steamy evening and we watched our littles play in the still-bright sunshine! PJ only rode his bike for a few minutes but put on his helmet with no problems, so it was a small victory for me to add to our growing tally.

Growing . I think that is what we will be doing this summer. Getting used to PJ's diagnosis and realizing that we are still on a path to happy, no matter how things turn out. I have to try to be brave and leave my heart open to all that the madness of summer has to offer.

The best way to start? Buying poor PJ some summer clothes!!! It's off to the online stores for me!

Good night, friends!

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Erin/ The Slacker Mom said...

"Path to happy..."

I love it! It can be an interesting path, but it makes me appreciate every step of the way :)