"In that great street, carnival..."

Grrrrrrr. I am in a terrible mood tonight, and the beer I had after PJ went to bed isn't helping. It's a shame, because today was actually a wonderful- albeit hot- day!

Today was the annual May Fair in our little town! It's a huge street fair down the main street that has tons of fun craft stands, bands, food, kid rides and activities. It is one of my favorite days of the year! I was pregnant for my first May Day and imagined what it would be like to bring our baby over the next years! Our first year, PJ was only 6 months old, and I was so happy and proud walking our cute, chubby little blonde dude around! Last year, we spend May Fair with PJ's cousins, and got to enjoy both the fair and cousin time!

This year, PJ was finally old enough to really particpate, and it was such a good time! Pete had to work tonight, so we went as a family in the morning! The day was already warm and humid at 10am, but we strolled the fair together, checking out the stands and putting PJ on his first fair ride, the choo-choo train! He looked like such a big boy as he rode with the other kids! My brave boy jumped right on!

Choo choo!
We came home at lunch time because 1. Pete needed to go to bed and 2. PJ needed to go down for a nap! After nap, PJ and I headed back to the Fair! We created sand art (PJ labled and chose each color and helped me pour them in! I was soooo proud of him!), tried out the bounce house, and danced to a band playing 80's music! He also might have consumed an entire bag of cotton candy, so look for tomorrow's blog on pink poop. :-)

 It was a fun day and it, as always, left me so thankful for my little family!

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